Miami State High School

Miami State High School have engaged us to create a film piece that will give agents around the world the necessary tools to encourage students to visit the Gold Coast and engage in schooling at Miami State High School.

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XBC Business Centre

With this project, we set out to create Customer Focused Stories to engage and attract like-minded businesses and personalities to start a conversation and even possibly become new clients of XBC.

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Animal Emergency Service

AES has helped thousands of pets across Australia and they have amazing teams in all their clinics. Being an emergency vet has a lot of benefits and in these stories we want to convey the message that vets should look into becoming emergency vets.

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PJH Constructions

The perfect combination of beautiful visuals, emotional story and music that takes you a journey to enjoy the beautiful work of PJH Constructions.

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MXA Financial Planning

Professionals in the Finance Industry will agree that it’s extremely competitive. Michael from MXA Financial Planning wanted to be different and his main desire is to stand out in the crowded industry. Creating a profile film, testimonials and content videos gave him the upper hand to stand out.

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Mortgage Choice

We aimed to create a series of case study videos showing past and current Mortgage Choice clients explaining their experiences with the company, how they helped them, and why they enjoyed their involvement with the company.

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