ABI Interiors | Overview Video

It's All About Conviction This film is packed full of beautiful visuals and a great story. Behind every great story is passion and behind passion is a conviction. This is the unshakable belief that what you do is helping people and making the world a better place. An...

CSQD Content Video | Logo Design and Branding

Why Do I Need Content Videos? Regularly releasing videos that add and give value to your audience is a great way to build trust and credibility. There is a big push in the business world towards authenticity. People want to see that you are genuinely wanting to help...

Dr Libby WLFW | Overview Video

Making a DifferenceDr. Libby is a renowned nutritionist who has helped hundreds of women to a healthier life. We were commissioned to help Dr. Libby tell her story and invite other women who are battling with their health and happiness to join her program. She is...

CSQD Case Study | DSA

A Brand to Reflect CSQD did what they do best and created a brand for DSA. They designed the website and all the logos for their business. As a result, DSA was able to establish themselves in the community as an industry leader. Dynamite Studios Australia is a...

XBC | Graeme Perkins Case Study Video

XBC Case Study Graeme was with a provider prior to XBC and shares the struggles that he encountered on his journey to find XBC. Graeme was in a conflict with his previous providers, they were operating in an unethical way and it made him very...

Veterinary Specialist Services | Overview Video

VSS We love working with Vets as they are some of the most loving and compassionate people we come across. VSS are experts in animal medicine. They are on the cutting edge of the industry with a team of highly qualified veterinarians. The facilities they...

Bizvideo Case Study | Kai Konstruct

Kai Konstruct | Case Study This Case Study Video shows the importance of using video in your sales process. Tim From Kai Konstruct tells us how impactful using video has been for his small business. Kai Konstruct is a family owned custom home builder on...

CSQD Case Study | ToothPaste

ToothPaste is a unique dental clinic that was in need of of re-branding so they could stand out from the crowd. CSQD were the ones to bring it to life. We created this case study to show how the expertise of CSQD has made a difference in ToothPaste. This...

Team Grbcic | Overview Video

We have known Adam and his father Tony for years and we are privileged to have had the opportunity to create this overview film. Team Grbcic is a father and son, commercial real estate, power team! They have a vast range of experience across both of them....

[Project] Dr Alex Hynes | Vlog Episode 2

The Christmas holiday period is the busiest time of year for Dr Alex Hynes. They see hundreds and even thousands of patients over Christmas and New Years. This means that on those days they are 'all hands on deck'. However important family and personal...

Element 22 Overview

Ti22 approached us to create a Branding Video because they wanted something a little different to showcase their new range of cycling, running and swimming clothing.

CartonCloud | MOTUS Case Study Video

CartonCloud is revolutionising the logistics, transport and warehousing industry. With their state of the art app, they are changing the lives of business owners around the world. We had the privilege to go to one of these business owners and tell the...

CartonCloud | DHL Case Study Video

  The Run Down: A few weeks ago we went to Vietnam to create a film for our client CartonCloud. They helped to set up the backend of DHL eCommerce Vietnam’s fulfillment center in a short span of 6 weeks! Corné LateganCorné Lategan is the Co-Founder and a...

GorisCo & Fluxe | Case Study Video

GorisCo Projects and Fluxe Architecture Studio recently completed a beautiful office fitout for CSQD. We recently finished this Case Study Video to show off the amazing office.

Kai Konstruct Branding Story

Tim from Kai Konstruct approached us and immediately I knew his approach is really unique and we need to tell a story to get the message out there. So we created a Branding Film for his company.

[Project] Dr Alex Hynes | Vlog Episode #1

Late last year, we started creating weekly vlogs for Dr Alex Hynes. Stay tuned for more episodes on our blog. These vlog videos go behind the scenes into Dr Alex Hynes' life to highlight her profession (she's an emergency vet), lifestyle and fitness. Corné Lategan...

[Project] CSQD – Go2People Case Study

We absolutely love Case Study Videos. Here are a few reasons why: We love the fact that they are super powerful and it really helps our clients to grow their business. We love the stories that come from the subjects/clients. We get to learn about the individuals on a...

CSQD | Overview Video

CSQD really inspires us on so many levels. This is their Overview Video. Stay tuned for more of their videos coming to blog here. Make sure you go check out their amazing work: csqd.com.au

Miami State High School

Miami State High School have engaged us to create a film piece that will give agents around the world the necessary tools to encourage students to visit the Gold Coast and engage in schooling at Miami State High School.

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XBC Business Centre

With this project, we set out to create Customer Focused Stories to engage and attract like-minded businesses and personalities to start a conversation and even possibly become new clients of XBC.

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Animal Emergency Service

AES has helped thousands of pets across Australia and they have amazing teams in all their clinics. Being an emergency vet has a lot of benefits and in these stories we want to convey the message that vets should look into becoming emergency vets.

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PJH Constructions

The perfect combination of beautiful visuals, emotional story and music that takes you a journey to enjoy the beautiful work of PJH Constructions.

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MXA Financial Planning

Professionals in the Finance Industry will agree that it’s extremely competitive. Michael from MXA Financial Planning wanted to be different and his main desire is to stand out in the crowded industry. Creating a profile film, testimonials and content videos gave him the upper hand to stand out.

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Mortgage Choice

We aimed to create a series of case study videos showing past and current Mortgage Choice clients explaining their experiences with the company, how they helped them, and why they enjoyed their involvement with the company.

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