By proceeding with this project you agree to our Terms & Conditions below.


In this agreement:
“We “, “us”, “our”, “ours” and similar terms means Flame Investments Pty Ltd trading as Bizvideo.
“You”, “your”, “yours” and similar terms means the client whose name appears at item 2 on the work quotation.
“Quote” and “quotation” means and refers to the quotation which is attached to these terms and conditions signed by you.

We agreed to provide our video production services to you in accordance with the quotation/invoice above and these terms and conditions. Acceptance of the quotation or payment of the deposit will indicate that you accept these terms and conditions.

We will:

  1. provide to you the services requested for the price contained in the quotation attached;
  2. commence work on receipt of the deposit;
  3. provide those services utilising all due care and skill;
  4. complete our services on or before the date quoted;
  5. promptly advise you of any circumstances which may give rise to a review of the quoted price;
  6. retain ownership of the copyright and all intellectual property of all video produced and any scripts created by us;
  7. be entitled to substitute services of any agent employee or subcontractor in circumstances where we are unable to perform the work due to accident or illness;
  8. be limited in our use of certain locations or venues by reason of rules associating with those locations of venues;
  9. maintain appropriate insurance in respect of any property damage or accidental damage caused by us;
  10. retain the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions upon giving to you at least 48 hours notice;
  11. be entitled to change our quotation and invoice if the scope of the project changes or you request multiple edits;
  12. notify you as soon as possible if we were are unable to undertake work due to inclement weather, machinery breakdown, obstruction of access or any other cause beyond our control;
  13. be entitled to payment for any work undertaken after the date of our quotation in the event that you cancel or discontinue our services;
  14. not be liable for any loss or damage to you, your servants or agents or any person claiming through you.


  1. will pay to us the deposit upon acceptance of the quote;
  2. will make the final payment in full on the date set out invoice above and you will pay interest at the rate of 15% per annum on any amount outstanding after that date;
  3. will not utilise any intellectual property without our express written approval;
  4. acknowledge that the remedy of damages may be an insufficient remedy for a breach of the preceding subclause and that we may bring court proceedings to prevent you from utilising our intellectual property in any manner. You further acknowledge that you will be liable for any costs involved in such court action;
  5. acknowledge that you have no claim against us if we are limited by the rules of certain locations or venues or matters pertaining to whether available light and actions of certain subjects;
  6. grant to us full artistic license in relation to the production of the video;
  7. acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions before signing the quotation;
  8. will abide by the terms of any intellectual property licences relating to music and/or images contained in our work;
  9. release us from any further liability if we are prevented from fulfilling our obligations under this agreement by any cause outside our control;
  10. acknowledge that we have made no representations or promises concerning the effectiveness of our video product as a marketing tool;
  1. indemnify us against any claim by any person relating to the use of their voice and/or injured in our video production and at your request we will provide release forms for you to adapt for use in those circumstances;
  2. will not claim for loss or damage if our work is interrupted due to any cause beyond our control;
  3. will allow us to place our logo or business name on the video production;
  4. indemnify us for any claim for loss or damage by any person arising out of the provision of our services.