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Kai Konstruct Branding Story

Tim from Kai Konstruct approached us and immediately I knew his approach is really unique and we need to tell a story to get the message out there. So we created a Branding Film for his company.

[Project] Dr Alex Hynes | Vlog Episode #1

Late last year, we started creating weekly vlogs for Dr Alex Hynes. Stay tuned for more episodes on our blog. These vlog videos go behind the scenes into Dr Alex Hynes' life to highlight her profession (she's an emergency vet), lifestyle and fitness. [et_bloom_inline...

[Project] CSQD – Go2People Case Study

We absolutely love Case Study Videos. Here are a few reasons why: We love the fact that they are super powerful and it really helps our clients to grow their business. We love the stories that come from the subjects/clients. We get to learn about the individuals on a...

CSQD | Overview Video

CSQD really inspires us on so many levels. This is their Overview Video. Stay tuned for more of their videos coming to blog here. Make sure you go check out their amazing work:

[Project] Dr. Alex Hynes | Profile Film

We always love working with Dr Alex Hynes. This is a recent Profile Video we created to tell her story, show her why and get people exciting about everything she is busy working on.

Alex used this video to build her profile and to submit the video to become a star on Bondi Vet. She went on the journey and got chosen to become a member of the Bondi Vet team. Congratulations Alex!!

[Episode] – Thank you 2017

2017 was absolutely amazing! Not only did we create hundreds of videos for our clients but we learnt so much about ourselves and what value we provide. We have so many people to thank for that.

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