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We’re a Gold Coast Commercial Video Production team that focus on emotionally connecting people to your business to get results and take your business to the next level using Storytelling & Video.

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At a core level we help our clients get out of obscurity so they can grow their business using the power of video and stories.

Story & Brand Video Creation

The benefit is your audience will fall in love with you and understand a 100% what you do and how you can help them – which means your business will grow.

Content & Video Production

The benefit to you is you will get video content that is custom to your business, that will tell your story.

Video Marketing & Distribution

More people will see your videos which means more people will be aware of your business which leads to more customers.

Our Latest Work

Inject inspiration into your business with some of our latest projects. We love our clients and we love to show off the work we do for them. We partner with them to get optimal results and move their business to new heights.

Architectural Bathrooms & Interiors


Southern Cross University And Airways Aviation


KaiKonstruct Overview Video


Vetalogica Pet Food

From Our Clients
Experience the results. See the stories of how our clients grow their businesses with video.



Standing out from the competition is an obstacle and a challenge. Kai Konstruct uses video and storytelling as the solution to distinguish themselves from the rest.


Highlife Homes

The challenge for James & Elyse was getting people to understand who they were before they made contact with Highlife Homes. A compelling "Story" solved this problem.



In an industry where it's notoriously hard to gain trust, Buzzword an SEO company uses video as a solution to build trust.



Explore the mind of a creative. Leaving a lasting impact on the audience through visual storytelling. CSQD uses Overview, Case Studies and Content Videos to connect with their target market.

“We believe storytelling in modern day business is so important and applaud the incredibly creative team at Bizvideo who have been able to capture exactly what we needed, to showcase our wonderful clients who are real people with real stories.” Donna Quaill

Director, XBC Business Centre

“When I want a video – to share an awesome story from our hospital, to showcase our clinics and services, for recruiting staff, or when approaching a new target market for my textbook – Bizvideo are the ones I trust to create a video that will cut through the noise of social media and deliver results. They understand our branding and goals and create videos that are authentic and thoughtful.” Dr. Gerado Poli

Director, Animal Emergency Service

“In a few short months I have appointments booked our all day everyday. Back to back. I always knew the power of video. I had wanted to implement this from about 2013 but didn’t know how, and in my wildest imagination it never would have been this successful.” Michael Cooper

CEO, MXA Financial Planning

“I cannot recommend Bizvideo highly enough. The team really took the time to understand my wants and needs in creating B2B Case Study Videos for my business. They are an important aspect of our marketing and business strategy. The Case Study Videos are so powerful that we have been able to make a direct correlation to the engagement of a number of new clients.” Renee Henville

MD, Integrated Human Resourcing

The Bizvideo Journey.

As two brothers, we started Bizvideo 8 years ago and it has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs to get where we are today. Corne is the connector and plays a huge part of the Story Development Phase and Andre is the Lead Creative Director at our company. He oversees the whole process of each video production project.

We have been partners from the beginning and we’re both blessed to be doing business as brothers.

Our business wasn’t always successful, there has been many sleepless nights and stressful days. There have been times where we wanted to throw in the towel, to give up and try something else.

That was not acceptable, we do not give up!

We discovered a technique that would slingshot our business into what it is today. It is this technique that we use with all our clients and they experience similar results.


You see – Story is as old as time and it connects people. It makes people feel something and apart of something bigger than themselves.

Story is powerful, and we want to use this power to help our clients’ businesses explode.

This is what we love!

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