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Bizvideo breaks client attraction and conversion down to its simplest form using Emotional Storytelling and Scientific Advertising.


Attract Value Orientated & Emotionally Engaged Clients with our proven methodologies – Keep your pipeline full with clients that want your unique value.


Helping Builders Australia & NZ wide.


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The Problem

You may be a builder and you face one (or more) of the following three problems:

Problem #1

You’re attracting and having to deal with the wrong clients that only focus on cost.

Problem #2

Your Pipeline is Empty & don’t know when or where the next project is coming from.

Problem #3

You’ve tried marketing before and you don’t know where to go.

Here’s how it works

If you qualify, we become long-term partners.
Bizvideo provides everything you need to effectively market your business so you can focus on growing your business. When you come on board with us, here’s the journey:


1) Vision & Story Development

In this phase, we will get clear on your vision moving forward, then help you get clear on your point of differences that will make prospects go on a waitlist with you. You don’t need to worry about coming up with the message or story. We help you do this.

2) Story Creation

In this phase, as expert storytellers, we extract your story and craft it into tangible outputs ready to connect and engage your ideal clients. You don’t need to worry about being in front of the camera; our crew are experts at making everyone feel comfortable, natural and authentic.

3) Video Advertising

Covering all bases, we help you organically distribute and utilise the power of story in your sales process to convert more clients. Bizvideo then helps you get out of Obscurity using proven Video Marketing techniques to gain mass awareness and omnipresence so you stand out from the crowd and become the “go to” solution.

Based on Proven Results

Bizvideo doesn’t partner with everyone, but when we do, it’s magical. Watch the stories below to see what our clients experience.

Builder Clients

Kai Konstruct

Highlife Homes

Tide Constructions

Recent Bizvideo Stories

A small collection of Stories we have created recently

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Geelong, VIC

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Australia Wide

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Gold Coast, QLD

Balding Constructions

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Yarrabank Builders

Burwood, Victoria


"But Bizvideo is based in Qld"

Our head office is located on the Gold Coast and we have team members in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & NZ ready to travel wherever you’re located. Don’t let location stop you from growing your business. We’ve helped dozens of regional clients all over Australia.

“I’ve tried marketing before. It failed and I wasted my money”
Before working with us many of our clients say they’ve tried marketing and it failed.

We know how that feels. To combat the stigma around digital marketing we combine timeless and unique storytelling with modern marketing methods, to effectively amplify your brand’s unique value. This method firstly engages with your clients emotionally, building a relationship and an understanding of your value, then guides the ideal client (qualified through messaging) to take action. We use emotion to engage and logic to justify.

Furthermore, we stay connected with you. We want to work with long term partners and to do this there needs to be good, honest, and clear communication. So on a monthly basis, we meet with our clients to reflect on the previous month’s results and plan for the next. We want to help you evolve and grow, not stay stagnant.

We also understand the need to do this using language that makes sense and data you can track. We want you to be confident in our results and stay a part of the process.

“I wouldn’t know what to say in front of a camera”
We understand the fear of not knowing what to say in front of the camera. We’re only human too. That’s why our expert storytellers take the load off you with our proven method of specific questions creating a comfortable, conversational environment.

It’s less about the camera and more about the conversation.

While we have the equipment to produce the highest quality visuals, we’re not a video production crew, we’re storytellers. Capturing only what’s necessary to tell your unique and authentic story.

“My business doesn’t have a story to tell”
Maybe so, but it’s our job to fix that, so don’t worry. The cost of not having a story to uniquely display your value to potential clients far outweighs the effort of digging deep to discover it.
“My business is different and a video won’t work for me”
Well, if you’re in a position of obscurity you’re just like the other businesses we helped out of obscurity.

Business is business and humans are humans. There is no B2B or B2C. It’s really just people to people (P2P) and as people, we engage through stories and emotion.

If you think you have a boring business or work in a boring industry you’re in for a surprise because our methods will only work better. And if you’re thinking that, your competitors are most likely thinking the same. Fortunately, you’ve come across the solution to make your business interesting and stand out from your competitors.

“I’m not ready to take on a sudden influx of new work”
If you’re a new business or just feel as though you don’t have the systems in place to take on the influx of work, don’t fear we have a proven system to handle that. For now, just focus on telling your story and getting your business out of obscurity.

We want to help you get the attention of more qualified and value-orientated clients while using messaging that filters out the tire kickers. Ultimately, saving you time and energy to focus on your clients and provide them with your incredible value. Our methods create more revenue not just more work.

"I don't have the right project to show right now."

Click here to see what one of our clients, Jarryd from Tide Constructions say about “not having the right project at the moment”.

What’s the next step?

Story Strategy Session

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, book in a 45-min Story Strategy Session to see if and how we can help you:

Watch the Builder Documentary

If you’re in “information-gathering mode” and want to know more, watch our Builder Documentary Below: