Welcome to Bizvideo

We’re a Gold Coast Video Production team that focus on emotionally connecting people to your business to get results.


We help businesses get out of Obscurity

If you are a business, company, brand or individual and you want to take it to the next level – we will help you – get out of obscurity.


To help our clients:

Bring in more revenue
Become more successful
Build trust with their audience or market
Bring in more Sales
Build Credibility
Happier Clients & Customers
Happier team


Video and Storytelling

We believe:
People believe what they see.
Video builds your Credibility and Trustworthiness.
Video makes your business “Real” to the prospect.
Stories make it easy for the buyer to decide & choose you.

Story Focused Approach

As storytellers we know and understand how powerful media is and the change it can achieve. That is why we take part to shape a better future and give businesses & brands that care a fighting chance to express their ‘why’ and change the world for the better.


We all have stories!



"In my industry, testimonials are boring and look average. The Case Study Videos Bizvideo have done for us are far from that. They are world class, build trust and allow businesses to see the impact we could have together. The videos are aspirational. The Case Study Videos have been invaluable for our business."

Edward Plant

Director / Lead a Better Business


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