The lead pastor of The Fields Church in Carlsbad, California USA, approached us last year to create a story that paints a picture of their church.

We loved every moment of the journey.

Creating a story with impact means you can’t just film footage and then put together a story.

Firstly we dived deep and did a Story Development Session with David to understand the church’s story.

After the Story Development Session, we had to carefully arrange everything from the big picture to the finer details, flying our team over to California from the Gold Coast.

Filming with the amazing people of The Fields Church was an absolute joy, and we covered a lot of ground showcasing loads of people, locations and church events. All this means we were able to draw out the story successfully.

Back home on the Gold Coast, our team took the 10,000% (of footage) and created a 100% version in this beautiful masterpiece story.

We’re looking forward to the ongoing journey and being part of The Fields Story.

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Jesus was talking to his followers one day and He said, the fields are ripe for harvest, which means there are people that God is reaching with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Fields started right here on this beach in Carlsbad and is the name of our church. It connects with a local landmark here, the Carlsbad flower fields. And our hope was that we would be kind of church, that we take this good news of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of the church, out into the community. And our vision is to see God grew people into passionate followers of Jesus Christ. And what that means is that we want to be a welcoming community and we want to love on people as they are.

No one’s perfect, and there’s room for that at The Fields.

Many times it can be intimidating going to a new place, especially a church if you don’t have any church background or you don’t even know if God exists, but that’s okay at The Fields because God’s not afraid of our questions. He created us for relationships with Him and with each other, and God’s created us to enjoy Him forever. That is so cool.

The Creator of the universe wants us to know Him. People that come from out of town, there’s people that are locals, but one thing that is in common is that people are welcoming of new people.

With our outreach to the community we do a sunrise service at the flower fields. You were to come on a Sunday, we have classes for the kids where they can learn about Jesus and be loved on. And then on Sunday mornings we have some great music and we teach from the Word of God. And then we’re out in the community. We go to coffee, we go to meals with each other.

We serve together for the purpose of being on mission. And that mission is to see God grow people into passionate followers of Jesus.

We would love to welcome you to The Fields. So please come by, check it out, and get to know some of us.