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Abode Construction is a one stop shop building team and are known for their amazing projects.

Abode Construction came to us because they needed more people to know about their approach and unique point of difference as a builder.


To bring in cost effective projects for clients.

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It’s building people’s dreams. You know, like for me, it’s actually exciting to just see their face and they just go, wow, this is amazing! So much different than what it was before. I get a real buzz out of that.

I’ve been a builder for 28 years. I really enjoy building homes. And I really enjoy when you’re part of that and actually build something from nothing to what it is. It’s pretty exciting. You can walk away at the end of the day and go, wow I’ve built that. And then you get a client at the handover and they go, wow, this is unbelievable. And that’s what I enjoy.

Both my wife and I came on there because every means a place of residence, a culture I have bred within the business as being very elective. The DNA makes up a person. So the DNA of Abode, we are very people orientated. It’s a relationship that we are in throughout that whole process. It’s not just about any one person. It’s about a whole team.

The way I see everyone, I see them as family and I treat them like my family at home. That’s what Abode is now. You’re working with your mates, not just work colleagues. We have a beer once a month. We do trips away together and it’s just, couldn’t get any closer as a team, basically. I believe that because we do everything from footings right through to handover that the boys, they actually get a lot of broad experience being a carpenter.

So they actually become a very qualified carpenter. A home is a big thing to any client. What’s most important I believe in is that, you actually listened to the client to make sure that they actually do achieve what they want to achieve. And that you walk away from that project, and the client’s a hundred percent happy with everything you’ve done, and you actually can go back there later to have a barbecue with that client, or go and have a drink with that client. That makes me feel satisfied that I’ve actually done what I’m supposed to do.

I understand the way the house is put together. I can actually say we can build it a bit more cost effective by going down this way, you can actually achieve exactly what client wants within their budget. It’s all one stop shop. They don’t have to go out to a designer. They don’t have to get to an engineer, then have to go to a surveyor when they get to the end. They’ve only had that one point of contact, which is myself. It’s a lot easier process for the client. They just got to sit back and enjoy the renovation from the start to the end.