We love working with Custom Home Builders.

Gibson Building is based in Noosa and Seventeen Seventy, which in itself is unique. Kieran travels between the locations with his small aircraft, and this is something unique as a builder.

When Gibson Building came to see us, during their Story Development Session, we saw the passion they had for helping people and to see people appreciating the work they do.

During the Story Development Session, we got clear on the projects Gibson Building create and how we were going to produce their story.

Starting from a concept or an idea and letting that evolve in a physical project was their primary focus.

Gibson Building puts a big emphasis on incorporating design and buildability before putting the whole package together. During the concept stage, the architectural and environmental factors are used to guide the project.

After seeing the site from the air at different times of the day, we realised the value of the evolving steps Gibson Building follow to produce projects which their customers are delighted.

It’s easy to be uplifted by the positive culture at Gibson Building and to immediately have trust in their ability to serve their clients and to produce the best projects.

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I love taking something from an idea, a concept, through to physically putting it there on site and if it’s special and it’s appreciated, not just from my point of view, but from the client’s point of view, that’s an awesome feeling. That’s what drives me.

It’s incorporating design. It’s incorporating build ability. It’s putting the whole package together. For the client, they should walk in with a smile on their face thinking, yes, this is far over and above what we intended. How great we didn’t understand that in the beginning, but now we do because now we’re here, now we can see it. We understand what the sun is doing or the breezes are doing. Now we appreciate it. I want to establish with a client trust and integrity right from the very beginning that will take you from the start of the journey right through to completion.

If it guide the design in a certain direction because you’ve got limitations on the site. Environmental factors such as wind and sun or topography. In Gibson building we try and incorporate all those things in the concept stage right from the very beginning, the concept’s right. It’s on budget, it’s doing what it intends for the client. It achieves the architectual things that we wanted to achieve. Sympathetic to the environment.

That intent is heading the right direction because the product will fit all those requirements. The first step in the whole process is to meet on site and understand what they’re trying to achieve and incorporate that concept on that side. Rather to get everything right at the concept stage. Cause if it’s right at the concept, the product at the end will be awesome.

The next process is to put a sketch design together and then we can start collaborating with myself being the designer and the builder or another designer and the evolution of the design can evolve. Till we can get to a documentation stage where we budgeted and documented building permits and the construction phase.

Actually it is a big advantage to see a site from the air and get an appreciation for everything that’s around the site. Different times of the day you can see different shadows and different aspects of the site and it’s till you get in the air and sort of look back on it. And you get an a different appreciation of a site.

It’s a big plus in that they know the cost, they know what the intense of the concept is and the house is going to apply and the factors they have to bring into on that site. The fact is they never even thought of until now and it’s multifaceted. Bring all those things in to get introduced. All those ideas that shapes the evolution of the design, that concept and the results speak for themselves. Let’s see.

Making best use of the environment. It’s making the best use of the views and material choices, the best for the situation, and it works performance wise, summer versus winter. That’s my intent. That’s my goal. That’s my passion. That’s what drives me.