We were excited when Nick & Claudia from Right At Home came to see us.

The passion they have to help improve the quality of life of people was so contagious that we were so excited to get their story out there.

Right At Home’s culture is to care for people, and they maintain this philosophy by selecting the right people for the right place at the right time.

In their Overview Story, Claudia shared her passion for making sure people get the right care and that they address the four pillars of their business.

Right At Home’s beliefs and philosophy gave us a new outlook of what can be done to help people in need.

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It’s the feeling of being part of a family and a community. It’s to make that difference in someone’s life and take away the stigma of what in home care is.

It’s providing that solution to people and providing that solution for our clients. Look forward to the service and it’s putting care services in place to improve the quality of life.

Right at Home’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those who we serve. The four pillars that we like to refer to are the right people, the right services, the right approach and the right mission. We offer a range of services from companion care to skilled nursing and hospital in a home.

We come from a culture of caring, so we have this philosophy that we wouldn’t put somebody into a home that we wouldn’t put into our own mum and dad’s place, so we’re very careful with selecting the right people to go into the right home.

When people come to us, they may be in a really vulnerable position. They may be at that point where they can’t cope anymore and they realise to maintain that independence in their home, they have to seek help. We have the ability to be able to implement care services within 24 hours and we try and make the process as easy as possible for them.

It gives them that comfort that once they’ve got services in place, when they ring the office, they will get to speak to somebody. In this space there’s been a lot of conjecture around the transparency around pricing. At Right at Home, we have one flat hourly rate. We don’t have any administration fees. We don’t have any care management fees. From the client’s perspective, they know exactly what they’re getting with us.

Generally people are scared about what health at home could be, so they’re scared that it will take away their independence or they’re worried about having people in their home they don’t know.

When we provide that service to them, their quality of life changes dramatically. They start to look forward to that caregiver coming. They look forward to catching up with them and we get constant, constant feedback about how Right at Home has changed their opinion about in home care. When doctors refer their patients onto a home care provider, they want to know, they can trust that home care provider and they want to know that the patient is going to be well looked after. By assisting them with, whether it’s the referral to my aged care or implementing a care service, we’re able to act as an advocate for their client and their patient and take in a situation where they can’t really help and provide that service for them.

Often the GP say to us that they’ve seen such an improvement in the client, which is quite a rewarding experience for us as well.

It’s the interaction that they have with the office staff. It’s the tailored care plan. It’s the feeling of being part of a family and a community, because that’s what’s most important in people.