Every Industry Included

In the past, having a video for your business was an expensive endeavor. As well as being very costly, there were also no clear ROI’s. This disqualified many small to medium-sized business owners from using video. The risk was too high and the process wasn’t accessible enough. Due to the distribution platforms available, many industries failed to see how they could use and benefit from video. However, as technology has progressed, the service of creating video has become more readily available for the average person. Today, we have access to a number of different providers and equipment to produce all kinds of video. Now that the cost of video has gone down and the process has become easy and seamless, business owners now have to be re-educated on the risk and ROI that comes with video. We have transitioned from a high risk and low return to a low-risk and high return product. Many industries that previously were disqualified from video due to there not being any way to benefit from it, are now beginning to realise the power that video holds and the many different ways they can use it to grow. After creating over 1000 different videos, for many different industries, we can safely say that video works for EVERY industry.

What Video Can Do For Your Business

A few years ago, a business like SupaRail would not know where to start when it comes to video. It is not a business that you can imagine using and benefitting from video a few years ago. SupaRail now uses their business overview video as a part of their sales process to help them get more clients. They use it to educate their audience on what their business does exactly. We helped them to get clear on their message and who they are as a business and package it in a short video. The value this creates is that your audience and potential clients will understand exactly what you do and who you are. Video builds trust and confidence in your business when people see what you can do. Video is the most powerful form of communication. It holds the most attention and has the highest retention rate than any other form of media. This means that the viewer is more likely to remember your message after watching. Video also creates an emotional connection with the viewer that moves them to take action. We do this by creating a character for your business in the video. It humanises your company and breaks down the barrier of unfamiliarity with the audience.