One thing I love most is getting our customers results.

I remember when we delivered the stories we created for Watmar they were blown away.

At the time that feels good.

When you get a call two days later saying the videos helped secure one of the biggest contracts in their company, well that feels even better.

We absolutely love working with “good businesses” and our purpose is to “shine the light on them”.

In a recent Facebook post, I wrote about it and I mentioned a good business, for me, means:
– Ethical.
– Solve problems (big or small) for people.
– Bring value to this world.

What is “shine the light”?
– Get people (with problems) to know about our clients.
– Highlight how our clients solve problems.
– Tell the stories of our clients and their customers.

Resources & Links

If you have a “good” business and you want to learn more about how we can help you using Storytelling and Video Marketing then click the link below:


We want to work with custom and bespoke builders who maybe going to do five or six very unusual properties each year and we can build a relationship with them based around the fact that they trust us to be able to offer electrical, air conditioning and automation and that all three of those services suit the style and quality of the home.

Typically a builder might use three different people to do those three things and so that creates a bit of a blame game in between those trades. There’s over 23,000 electricians in Australia. There’s an enormous amount of competition that’s quite price-sensitive, so we’ll sit there and try to figure out how do we capture that? How do we become different? We first considered video, we’re on the fence a bit. It’s a significant investment.

We started with a story development session with Bizvideo and through that we got really clear on our message and what we were trying to achieve from the video. It’s only when you work with people who can pull your story together so well that you realise that your story is actually quite unique. For having a video done in a space of a minute and a half.

We could put forward the message that we offer all three of those services and also the video showed how they work together, which is something we could never articulate to people. We have one custom home builder who wasn’t gonna use us for one of those three things that we do and he saw a video and changed his mind. We made the decision to go with Bizvideo for a few reasons.

You don’t just get given your video and patted on the head and set back into the wilderness. Somebody actually gives you a distribution strategy to get that out to your ideal client. Then you get followed up. How are you going with that, Sharon, do you need any help?

One of our biggest clients who’s a great referrer of ours, before he had to just use his words and tell people how good we were, he said to me, I’ll just show them the video now. Video is like having a little referral soldier running around showing our business to other people that we would never get to otherwise. Even if there are other companies that do what we do, they can’t show it to people like we can.