Coastal Demolitions & Asbestos Removal is a Gold Coast based demolition & asbestos removal company, with a unique passion and care for the local community and environment.

Working in an industry that unfortunately is known for waste and harmful materials, Coastal has an incredible passion for changing this stigma. They aim to influence and demonstrate to the industry a better method for demolition and asbestos removal.

A method that isn’t harmful to the community nor environment and recycles 85% of demolished material.

Their methodical and community focussed approach to demolition and asbestos removal is truly unique.

Throughout our time spent together during the story development phase, it was clear Coastal had a unique purpose in the market.

They just needed a platform that allowed them to effectively express their purpose and tell they’re important story.

That’s where we came in.

The story we created for Coastal uniquely reflects their vision and purpose, allowing them to emotionally connect with their ideal clients, stand out from the competition and build trust and relationship with prospects before they’ve even met.

We now manage their video marketing to ensure their story effectively and consistently reaches and nurtures their ideal market.

Now they can just focus on what they do best. Providing the community with a safe & methodical approach to demolition.


For me it is for the broader community to survive. I really feel that we are coming to a standpoint with our environmental issues. And I really want to in still in the Gold Coast that we can care for the Coast. Making that difference isn’t just for myself, it’s for my children’s future and their children’s children as well.

Want to raise a family that loves the environment around them, that loves to make positive changes in this world. I want to be part of that legacy.

Because with demolitions, we do work from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and also Northern New South Wales. We can assist you in a specialist removal and demolition. We understand how it is to be young. We understand how it is to be buying a first house. It can be quite daunting.

There’s a lot of aspects that come into renovations inside the house that do need to tackle straight away. The asbestos is one of them. When we first walk into a house and we encapsulate the dwelling, we draw that no asbestos particles are escaping that atmosphere. We will take the house apart from the interior out, we aren’t going to take risks, but we are siabling the material that can assure that we are actually going to try and recycle 85% of each house.

I want to highlight what goes into demolishing a house. And I want to show that there are options out there for people that want to be more eco-friendly. The thing about demolition is, it’s a community that does come together from all different backgrounds, trades wise, culturally, and it really does give a diversity in the community.

There’s nothing better than having a home that you can feel comfortable in. We’re here to give you that peace of mind.

When you think of home, I’m you think of sitting on the couch with your family, having a meal together and being one and connected.