We absolutely love creating stories for our clients that are solving problems in this world and creating value for their customers.

ABI came to us about 18 months ago where we created their first Overview Video.

A year later they have grown so much and they thought it would be a good idea to create a new version of their story to represent their business the way it is in 2019.

What I love about working with their amazing team is their passion for creativity and innovation and really listening to their customers and the marketplace to create new products.

Even though we have gone through the Story Development Session with them in 2018, it was really important to start with a blank canvas and we went through the extremely important exercise again. It’s amazing how people grow in a span of a year.

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I love creating and I love being able to put all my ideas and passion out there and see that it’s helping the customers. Seeing the smile on their faces and how in love they are with their own home. I feel like you don’t get that too often. A lot of people worry about not being able to get what they want because they can’t afford it, but then they find us and realise that they can get it because we do sell those beautiful products at an affordable price. My team is amazing. I love my team. They will go to the fullest extent to help anyone. They are mostly designers or have a really big interest in interior design so they can help whoever needs help designing their bathroom in store, but online as well. Through online chat. The best thing is that you can order online and trust the process because that is colour samples available and we do have a 30 day return policy. When you’re shopping online it’s important that you can get what you need quickly, get through the shop, checkouts, easy to use. I just like to make things run smoothly, create the best possible user experience I can.

I found ABI online when I was doing up my kitchen. I wasn’t quite sure about which colour I was after. So I ordered some samples. Then I wasn’t sure about what style, I mean all the products are just beautiful. So I called up the girls and told them what I was doing and they helped me pick my final choice and yeah, I’m super happy.

A customer will come to our website choose, the products and style that they want. Place their order. It comes through to our warehouse. We pick that order, pack it and quality check it here in Australia. So we’re confident that when we’re sending it out to the customer and they’re getting a perfect watermark, certified and water efficient product. We communicate on a daily basis with our ABI team overseas and they’re as passionate as us.

Our Guangzhou team has an amazing culture. It’s so good to see such passionate enthusiasm is great as ours and it’s so good to be able to go over there and see all the new and innovative ideas that we can incorporate into our range. That sort of stuff really excites me because I know that there is so much more we can create and we want to share it with everyone. We use the world’s latest technology for manufacturing our products. So the quality controlling process is really extensive and our team work tirelessly to bring our new innovations to life.

Communicating with our suppliers daily and visiting them weekly, managing the process all the way from the design to sending it out to the customer. We service interior designers, builders, architects and developers and that can be projects from small renovations to big hotels. And it’s good because they don’t have to go searching cause we do have everything. Often people have spent all this time renovating and building their houses and they actually step back and look at what they’ve created. I think they feel content and happy. They walk in there and think, oh my gosh, I have my dream bathroom.