Blackhaus Construction came to us three years ago to leverage the business above the competition. Like many builders, Andrew’s busy schedule meant a lack of marketing, resulting in a deficiency of brand awareness.

Andrew knew if he wanted to position the Blackhaus brand as the high-end expert within the field, he needed to alter how the business was being seen and who was seeing it.

So he came to us.

For every client that comes on board, we take them through an in-depth story development session. In Blackhaus’ case, this gave us the opportunity to gain clarity around their message, ideal clientele, and how to best reach this audience.

From there, we were able to create purposeful and powerful stories along with targeted advertising campaigns to reach their ideal audience and attract a pipeline of ideal work.

If you’re a builder and you’re ready to elevate your business, we’d love to hear from you! Send us a message to see if and how we can help.