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GorisCo Projects

There are many builders and construction companies on the Gold Coast. This leaves a challenge for those who are wanting to break through and grow their business. You need to be the best of the best in order to have a shot at building a lasting company.

Greg Goris, owner and founder of GorisCo Projects is a highly skilled individual with a drive and passion for the industry. The quality of work that he produces is second to none. He has won awards in the past for his outstanding work and will no doubt continue to set the industry standard.

Greg has all the qualities to be successful in this industry. He has established a great foundation for his business and is beginning to grow and scale his company. GorisCo has truly made their mark and is on the right track to creating the success that they deserve.

Making Your Mark

Distinguishing yourself from the competition is no easy task. When you are in an industry that is flooded with businesses just like your own, it makes it even more important to make your mark.

Establish your business as a leader in the field that you’re in. In order to do this effectively, you need to show your audience what makes you different. What is the difference between you and every other business? There is one element to your business that is unique and different from everyone else.

You may do the same work, deliver the same quality, sell the same product but this is something that no other business can claim. Your story. The story behind your business is what will make you stand out from your competitors.


Storytelling Works

How is storytelling so effective? When you create your business story, it works in a number of ways to install trust and confidence in your audience. Storytelling has been in our blood since the beginning of time. We have been telling stories in many different ways for thousands of years.

We continue to use storytelling as a way to express ourselves. For so long storytelling has been used by the entertainment world but not by the business world.

Story creates common ground in the viewer. It establishes a basic connection between the story and the audience. This connection works to break down the barrier of the unknown and pulls your business out of obscurity. Your story gives your business personality. It builds the foundation of a relationship. In a way, it is the first step in the sales process.

You cant make a sale if the customer doesn’t trust you. Your story is the start of building that trust. It allows the viewer to take a look into what makes your business unique and they begin the process of knowing, liking and trusting your company.


Use Video As The Messenger

The most effective way to deliver a message is through the use of video. Video is the most effective way to deliver a message to an audience. People believe what they see more than if they heard or read the same information. This means that video has the highest retention rate than any other form of media.

When you combine video with your story, it creates a combination that moves the viewer to take action. This is how you stand out from your competition and make your mark in your industry.

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