Social Proof

If your business is not using some kind of social proof on your websites or social media then are you even a business? Social proof is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to grow your business and increase your conversion rate. In a world where you have to gain the trust of your customer before they buy, social proof goes a very long way! How do you effectively communicate the amazing social proof that you have at your disposal? This is where video comes in. Video is the most effective form of communication. Tony and Eva from Simply GC have been using their case study video to help them get more clients and grow their business.

All Hail Video

On social media, video receives more engagement than any other form of media published. When you combine social proof with video, you get one of the most valuable assets your business can have at their disposal. Testimonial videos/Case study Videos have been proven to be the most effective type of video for businesses. There are so many ways to use the video and they all can have a huge impact. A highly effective Case Study Video that has been professionally crafted to get the best results, can play a big part in your sales process. It can increase conversion on landing pages, websites, social platforms, email campaigns and much more. How do you ensure that your video will be highly effective?

Intricately Crafted For Excellence

All the videos we produce have the same technique that is used to make them highly effective. This technique is storytelling. Every video that passes through our hands is intricately crafted to produce the absolute best results every time. We do this by ensuring that we have drawn out the unique story of each subject. Telling an effective story leaves your audience with an emotional connection that builds trust and increases the chances of conversion. Having a great looking and sounding video isn’t everything. Having a great story will make the difference between a good video and a video crafted in excellence.