We love working with businesses that are there to help our clients grow and achieve their goals.

You might call it a win-win-win.

Our clients win, our partner wins, and we also win.

In this case, we helped out this Branding and Design agency called iCreate and told their story so they can help more businesses.

So far, it’s been a great journey, and we met this fantastic team when they did a Case Study video for one of our builder clients, Kai Konstruct. Make sure you watch that video too:

When iCreate came on board with us, their team came over to our office where we did the Story Development Session, and this is where we got super clear on the iCreate story and how we were going to produce their story. It’s a great exercise to go through as you really get to know the business on an intimate level, and you see their passion for helping businesses.

After producing their stories, we delivered their videos, and this was another highlight of the journey. You could really see their appreciation for how far they have come in their business. This is truly inspiring.

Make sure you check out their amazing work here:

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Kai Konstruct & iCreate Story:

If you’re a “good business” and you need help to get your story in front of your ideal customer, see this page for more information:


As a graphic designer. I love the world of design and the way that can really powerfully affect a business and whether it wins or loses. This is our 10th year of trading and when you tell people it does seem quick and successful, but it’s also a lot of hard work.

There’s real challenge and excitement about growing the business into something that’s bigger than it ever could have imagined. At Icreate, it’s really our mission to use that digital design strategy and guide our clients through that to use those tools in their best advantage.

Sonia and I are very lucky to be able to come to work each day and we have to work with family. We’re a husband and wife team and our brother Brix that’s been with us almost since the beginning and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way and the team feels like an extended family. I think there’s a few things that their clients enjoy in value when they work with Icreate. One of them is the quality of the work, and we do hold that bar pretty high and generally before a client sees any creative or any concepts from us, we’ve already had two, three, four internal revisions. If it’s not good enough, we don’t send it.

I’m excited that we’re expanding and we’re growing and we’re learning from all our projects that we’ve worked on and we’re doing more and better, bigger things. Our work is intrinsically inspirational. It’s all about inspiring people and engaging people and getting them to act.

Once a sponsor worked with us on one or two projects it’s trust. They know that if they deliver us a brief, they don’t need to micromanage the process and they can continue doing what they do best. With every little step that leads up to that Django is treated equally, and I think that’s what makes Icreate really, really great. When Dave and I are sitting in a meeting and we’re listening to a client, our suggestions, it’s come from a real genuine need and desire for our clients to succeed.