Kai Konstruct is really unique and I love their outlook on construction. When they design and build their projects they don’t just see it as ‘building’ they incorporate creativity and a sense of ‘why’ into everything they do.

This particular project was really cool because they transform a 1920’s original Queenslander home into a modern office space for iCreate Advertising.

The cool thing is we were able to see the transformation take place and capture the entire story to create a 2-minute version as Case Study Video.


Watch their Business Overview Video here:


I always think to say the funniest thing I ever did was, I’ll start a business so I can have all this free time. I think that’s the biggest joke in the whole wide world. You start business because it’s what you’re good at. We’re a business who would want to do well. So we just want to help people get there. The last office, the way you got there was down a back alley up, down through the car park, up the back stairs. It was not a reflection of the quality we produce for clients. It was just convenient, every time we had a client meeting, our main goal for having a new office was to have a space that we felt really proud of, where in the business and marketing and that reflection that people have of your business is important. We didn’t actually want to have a commercial space. We wanted something to have a bit of character. Deciding to do it was a scary proposition and then it came to who do we do this with? Someone that could simplify that process and give us our vision and be understanding of our budget. And Dave got in touch with Tim and Tim was really happy to get involved.

Given the brief of the office and what it meant of taking pretty much the whole inside out and rethinking it from an office point of view. Tim always was about what are the business outcomes that you need here? How people are going to work. We just definitely needed someone that had that customised approach. The level of professionalism from Tim exceeded what I expected. And one thing I’ve kind of felt over the years is that clients stay with us because they like what we do. So I think this is a really good step. In our growth that shows that we are growing from strength to strength. We have the beautiful space that I feel really happy for clients even to just to drop in to. Now it’s like, come in anytime. Let’s go to lunch after the whole process was really enjoyable and it’s just turned out excellent. We’re really happy.