Liberty Building Constructions is a Sydney based builder, and they value each one of their clients and want to connect and engage with more of their ideal clients.

George, the owner, approached us to tell their story, so more people will know about them and their approach to building custom homes.

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I’m a builder because I love to see the client’s dream become a reality for them.

To be able to produce and to handover a place, seeing their emotions come out. You just feel like inside of you that, you know, this is what I’m supposed to do. Building is in my genes. Growing up, my dad was a builder at a young age. He used to wake me up early in the morning. We used to go to work. I think it just sort of grew on me. We’re very family orientated and we know that families have lasting memories in homes. A wonderful space that you can utilise every day of your life. Have that, and be happy in a home and be comfortable there and really call it your home.

Been in the industry for 30 years. And in that time I’ve made it a goal that if I build a home for somebody, we stand by quality, Liberty, building contractors. We specialise in custom built homes and high-end renovations. So when you build with Liberty, you’ve got the freedom to make the choices, the freedom to pick what you like.

It’s important to choose because you’re a part of your own bill. And a lot of the clients don’t turn around and say, the reason why that they went with us is because we allowed them to do that. He becomes a part of the project and wants to make sure that everything that they want is in that home. And it’s going to be there forever home.

Knowledge in the industry made us feel like we were going with the right builder. I remember the first morning waking up. It felt so personal to what we wanted. So amazing to see the end product, to see that smile on their face, light up when their dream comes true and they get to go into their own home. Very satisfying getting up in the morning, knowing that be there, someone’s house, changing someone’s life.

When you come to give them the key at handover and they walk in their house. It’s a look of, I can’t believe that this is our house. Oh my goodness. We did this. It feels good. It really does.