What an exciting project this has been to work on with Professor Pierre Pienaar and his team at PackTech Solutions! In our Story Development Session, where we really get to know our clients and their story, it became quite clear that the team at PackTech Solutions have such an unbelievable depth of knowledge and experience across the packaging industry, and that using the power of story and video was going to really make a difference in how they get their message out there. In PackTech Solutions’ video Prof. Pienaar shares how he believes the packaging industry will have the greatest impact on the global community and how he plays his role as Professor and Educator from primary school level through to post-graduate level, Expert Witness in court cases where packaging has gone wrong, and one of the world’s top packaging consultants helping businesses save millions. As a consultant Pierre is often called in at the end of a project to help fix issues that were not planned for at the beginning. Other times, Pierre is brought in at the beginning of a project to assist the companies and team to design with the end in mind so that issues can be avoided and the end result can be that much more powerful. Now that is something that really resonates with us at Bizvideo. We are always designing, crafting, and executing with the end in mind so that our clients know their stories will have the greatest impact on their audience. “

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Everything that we buy comes in one or other type of packaging, be it in the office, be it at home, be it in the supermarket, everything is packed. We cannot get rid of packaging, so we need to focus on what we do with the packaging, once we’ve used the contents. We need to get the message across. Then in fact we are part of a solution and packaging into not part of the problem. My role in packaging is to serve the client as best as possible. Often, I’m called in near the end of a project and when they find things have gone wrong and then asked me to come in and have a look and then see how best we can resolve the issue. In other cases, I’m brought in right at the start and that’s the best way. The client thinks of a new product that they want to launch and that call me in that next stage. In that way we hit the design right off that primary fact 100% correct. One of the really exciting things that I enjoy when I work with clients that pulled me into rationalise and to standardise their product range. Rationalise the actual material, in other words, we have only a few bags to fit all their products instead of many bags that put their products. So, we rationalise that, and then we standardise the actual material construction. For example, and in this way, when one standardises, what we’re ultimately doing is we’re making the change over time on the machines much quicker. So, it’s a really easy way, of saving money. Packaging, education is a real passion of mine and the more people that I can educate and help in making their own decisions, the better for our industry and better for the environment. And it’s not only teaching those in industry, it’s teaching the young ones. And so, I get involved from grade one to grade 12 as one is at tertiary level and post graduate level. Right across the globe. The one thing that I see that will change the environment is if we teach more people at a young age, to be aware of packaging and make the right decisions. From time to time I’m called in by the courts to give evidence as an expert witness in cases where something has gone wrong in the packaging. But had I been called in to those particular companies at a much earlier stage, we could have avoided a problem happening and then even going to court in the first place. At Pack Tech Solutions, my role and fashion is to help more people solve their own problems right across the globe and in thus making packaging, part of a solution and not a problem.