We love working with businesses that are there to help people and to grow and achieve their goals.

You might call it a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Our clients win, our partner wins, and we also win.

Kai Konstruct approached us because they liked the way we told stories that emotionally connect people to their product.

When Kai Konstruct came on board with us, their team came over to our office where we did the Story Development Session, and this is where we got super clear on the Kai Konstruct story and how we were going to produce their story. It’s a great exercise to go through as you really get to know the business on an intimate level, and you see their passion for helping people.

After producing their stories, we delivered their videos, and this was another highlight of the journey. You could really see their appreciation for how far they have come in their business. This is truly inspiring.

Make sure you check out their amazing work on their website.

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We moved to Australia about nine or 10 years ago now, Sally and I, before we had kids and one of the reasons we stayed was we thought that every day we weren’t at work for like a holiday. You got some of the world’s most beautiful beaches all year round sun. We wanted to be able to take advantage of all of those different things. We’ve always wanted to live near or on the water. The moment we saw this place or we saw the view of like, we have to make this work somehow we really wanted to modernise it and kind of future-proof it for us and the kids.

The flip side of that was it was an older dated house. It was going to need a bit of work, so it was how we were going to match the lifestyle house that we wanted. I never been able to bring that back to a house we would actually enjoy living in. When the kids grow up, we can take more little fishing trips and we explore the Gold Coast with a boat, which is one thing I’m looking forward to. We can get on with our lives knowing that, Tim, will sort this out for us. For me, that’s the biggest reason for using Kai Construct.

I’m too busy to spend all day, every day thinking about the renovation. I need to give someone the project and have full faith in them that they’re going to deliver. And then when it came to modernising the house, Tim came down and he and I and Sally were on the same page very quickly about what we wanted to do with the space. It took us about 20 minutes to trust him completely. The way he wandered around the house, the suggestions he made. At no point did we feel like he was overselling something that wasn’t useful. With other builders that’s a job. Tim from the get go sees it as something else. He’s not just here to do what you’ve asked him to do. He’s a family guy. We’ve been looking to his wife who gets involved in the projects and we’ve met Sonja as well. And you can see that he sees our project through a dad’s eyes or a father’s eyes. And it’s always been about creating an environment for us and our children.

Lauren was really helpful when it came to how the colours, textures, floors, and what kind of other features that run through the house. Tim, very flexible in timing. So Sally and I’ve got quite intensive jobs. It was no hustle for him to meet us at a time that suited us to get things just right, and that’s what he wants. He wants the house to be perfect for you. And that’s why for future projects, I know that I can trust him.