We’re so excited to share the story of Blackhaus Construction

Throughout our time spent together during the story development phase, it was clear Blackhaus have a passion for the unique homes they build and the clients they build for.

They were able to get clear on their messaging and uniquely reflect their value. Now, using their overview, they can connect with their ideal audience emotionally and stand out from the competition before they’ve even met with potential clients.

We can’t wait to watch Blackhaus continue to succeed, delivering incredible homes to clients they truly care about.


You can’t go past the lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast, unique in its own way, being connected to the

Everybody should have a challenge in their life to help them aim for a goal. Feeling I’ve done all I can for people throughout the build is really all I want.

It can be stressful, building a house, but it’s our try to take that stress away from the client. And I need somebody that knows what they’re doing and to make sure that what you’re doing is in their best interest. Twenty years experience in the building industry, you see a lot of ways that people do things. It’s about being better and making a point of difference.

Blackhouse Construction, where we’re an architectural home builder on the sunshine coast in Queensland. I’m involved with the clients at an early stage where I help them with decisions to make sure they’re staying on budget.

Working with the engineer and the architect to make sure that what they want to build is actually achievable. If everything’s detailed correctly, early on, and we know what our clients want, then building it is a step by step process on site. And we come up from the ground.

When going through the build and you see exactly what’s involved in it. It gives you that sense of feeling as you know, what’s happening. You finally see your timber flooring down and you can almost feel the color in it.

One of the things I love about what I do is seeing the excitement. When the clients turn up on site and see it, physically. Pictures can show some things, but being there in person and seeing it in real life, is a big difference. Because you have gone on that journey with them. It’s a big part of people’s lives. It’s doing what’s right by the client and having that trust with them and creating a client for life.

If not, a friend.