Trust, Do You Really Need It?

Every single business needs to earn the trust of their potential clients before they become a customer. Trust is one of the most important qualities that a business needs in order to succeed. It is one of the basic human requirements for any sort of relationship. If your business is lacking trust then you are probably losing money. If you don’t have credibility then you will struggle to get new clients and build your brand. Trust is necessary for every business to succeed.

The Winning Formula

Social proof is a proven method of gaining trust and credibility in the business world. It is a great way to build trust in your brand and ensure the longevity of your company. For many years, social proof has been used in the form of infomercials or written testimonials but an emerging trend is to use video. Video has been around for many years now, however it is only recently that businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that come with using video on social platforms. Video is said to be the most effective form of communication and when you combine that with one of the greatest ways to build trust, you’re left with a winning formula!

Why Use Case Study Videos?

Case Study videos or testimonial videos are said to be the most effective type of video for business. In an industry such as construction, where a high level of trust is needed to convert a prospect, case study videos are very effective. Kai Konstruct uses case study videos at every point of contact they have with a potential customer. This results in a level of trust being built up before they even meet the prospect in person. It means that they can cut through the trust-building stage of the sales process and get straight into the sale. The chance of converting the customer is much higher and will result in more sales. Kai Konstruct has directly used this case study video to close a deal. The Impact that Case Study Videos can have on a business is greatly underestimated.