Kotari Constructions is a Canberra based builder with a unique family approach.

When the Kotari team came up to the Gold Coast to the Bizvideo office to do the Story Development Session, it was clear how passionate they are about making a families dream home possible.

Each time we watch their story, our whole team get a little emotional, and we love getting that message out there.

By emotionally connecting with their ideal clients allows them to stand out and build trust a lot faster than other builders.

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I love seeing a block of land and then someone’s got an idea or a dream and making that all come together for them. Our clients are the ones who are like, look, we really want to achieve this.

We don’t know where we’re going, and we get to hold their hand through the process.

Collaborating with them to achieve what they want for their home, and it’s going to be uniquely theirs. And we’ve never worked on one house that is the same. We’ll always go out of our way to find ideas and new materials. What’s out there, what could work.

So, if we can provide them with a home, where they can be happy with their families. Then I’ve done my job.