We love working with companies that show the conviction of what they do.

The conviction speaks through every word they say, what their clients say and from a visual point of view.

When AWL Canopies came to see us, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and experience they had in their product. They wanted to get their story and product out there because they believed this was a product that could change the way you do business and leisure.

AWL identified a problem and took the time to create a product that will help both workmen and also leisure.

Our job, as storytellers and business owners, is we need to give our customers a glimpse of a practical and useful product and what it may look like for them. How will their lives be different when they use our services or buy AWL’s canopies.

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Everything in business is all about understanding what that person wants and what that person needs. It’s about producing a product that works and then believing in what you’re doing.

It’s the feeling behind the canopy and what the customer feel when they walk out the door after the canopy has been put on their car. That’s the feeling that we like to work towards.

Our mission is to produce the best canopy of this type for Workman, Government Agencies, Fleet and National companies around Australia. My father saw a need 20 odd years ago where people were struggling with conventional vehicle setups, so he designed a product where it was great for Workmen. You could work five days a week and on weekends you can go leisure.

Being a very close knit family business we like to do our best to make the customer feel as comfortable or as personalised as we possibly can. Providing a product that’s good looking, well-designed, lasts a long time and it’s very safe and very secure. So I can say to customers, you can store 10, 15, $20,000 worth inside that canopy. Shut the door, hit the lock button and walk away and know that it is as secure as it possibly can be.

Super little things make a huge difference and we make sure that we continue to innovate and we continue to make our canopy the best canopy we can and people can’t wait to open the doors and look inside everything from shelving to beer fridges and mattresses.

We can do it all and I love it. I absolutely love it.

As a business owner, you really need to have a quality product because if you’ve got problems with anything, it takes you away from doing what you do, which is actually getting on with the day to day of running of your business. We’ve built up a dealer network across Australia, so wherever that vehicle is, if they can go somewhere to get support.

I’ve had this product on my car for 15 years and I’ve had a growing family. We’ve done a lot on the leisure side of things. Once you have a product of this type on your vehicle, you’ll never go back. It’s just great for every facet of life.

I know that something my father created 20 odd years ago could possibly now go around the world. It really dies me quite a lot. It’s a sense of believing in what you’re doing and it’s a sense of pride because of what he wanted to do, and it’s a sense of pride in us that we’re going in the right direction. I know he’d be really proud of what we’re doing.