What if all companies have a business model “Success for our clients is based on our success”?

When Neumann Steel came to see us we immediately saw them as a company that is following their business model to the tee. We were excited to get their story out there.

Neumann Steel identified a problem in the engineering market being their customer’s need for reliability and delivery on time. Delivering steel on time and schedule makes a big difference and they have done that for Wagstaff Piling.

What I love about Neumann Steel is they identify problems and take time to ease out any hinderances that will help both designers and also the consumer to be a success to their clients.

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You’ve always got a challenge. Every day there’s a problem that you need to solve. That’s what engineering is at the heart of it. That’s who we are.

Wagstaff Pines, Australian owned contractor working in the heavy civil foundation space, whether it’d be driven piles, Bullard piles, CFA piles, big retaining walls. It’s all about the quality of the service you deliver.

Wagstaff has a bigger commercial market advantage due to the fact that we can do all types of foundation solutions. So what we do is we pick the best foundation solution for the project. We’re not trying to force a different type of pile onto a certain job.

Getting the technical things right at the start makes a big difference to the product you deliver at the end.
So much of what we do relies on other trades and other people. So, and when you’re running a complicated job, you don’t need to be writing supplies all day long.

You want to be concentrating on the day to day activities. Having reliable supplies means you complete the project on time or ahead of time, which is a beneficial to wax up and beneficial to our clients.

Neumann Steel, are well organised. They have good people and they go out of their way to make jobs successful. They understand what we need and they work hard to achieve what we need and we work hard to make it easy for them to achieve.

So a successful project for them as successful project for us.

Wagstaff has been a really good company to deal with. We’ve dealt with them for the last two years. Having those values at lane allows us to work seamlessly with Wagstaff.

We understand their need for reliability and delivery on time and we have done that for them. Even delivering steel on time and schedule makes a big difference. It gives me confidence in having good people like Neumann Steel, across the whole entire workforce means there’s one less thing to worry about.

Success for our clients is based on our success. The better the we do on a project, the better they end up doing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Neumann again. They’ve proven to us that they’re reliable supplier and work very hard to achieve the same goals that we do.