Here’s another client success story from our good friend Greg Goris from GorisCo Projects.

Greg is a commercial builder with offices on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and have projects across Australia.

We started working with Greg in 2017 where we started creating Case Studies of his projects and clients. Greg has won mulitple awards for his amazing office fitouts and we absolutely love creating stories to show the projects and also tell the story from his clients’ point of view.

Working with our clients and getting to know them on a really intimiate level helps us understand what they are all about, why they do what they do and what problems they face in their business and industry. This helps us create stories and that solves some of these problems so that our clients maximise their results in business.

It’s really awesome working with a builder like Greg that doubled his business in the first 6 months of working with us getting his story out there.

Resources & Links:

Watch his Business Overview Story here

Watch his award winning project Case Study here


The reason I set up GorisCo projects is I wanted to create a commercial construction company that can really deliver things on a very personal level, high quality and try to have a very much a hassle free project for our clients. I really felt there was a lack of quality, well managed projects from the industry and I just wanted to create that very much a personal feeling and ensure that you know, we can make construction fun, enjoyable and not a stressful situation for them involved.

Looking back over the last three years, we’ve had a massive journey and still going to pinch myself every day that I completed 55 projects in three years. We’ve tended over 200 projects in that same timeframe. We looked at video marketing as an opportunity, but also for the businesses we’re working for, to get involved with it, to really showcase their project and their journey as well. We find that the website is great and there’s a lot of words and pictures, but it didn’t capture what we’re about and videos for me, tells a story and it really captures what we can offer people, the emotion of it, and how we work from our values and how we approach our business. For many videos into our marketing, our revenue and sales have doubled in six months. And from then we’ve grown into Brisbane market, set up an office there as well as Gold Coast market, and we’ve got projects constantly and Sydney and Melbourne that we are running remotely. For us, Bizvideo aligned with our values about selling the story and our story of us wanting to deliver a very much a hassle free process for all their clients with a longterm view of them being a part of our business and our growth. Many years to come.