How do you humanise a product?

Something that doesn’t interact with you.

Oz Inflatable Kayaks approached us because they liked the way we told stories that emotionally connect people to their product.

Shortly after the initial chat with Emily from Oz Inflatable Kayaks, we noticed that her product is different.

It’s the way the product helps people.

You could probably argue that a lot of products help people, and you will be right.

What we found however was these kayaks had a massive impact on the customers of Oz Inflatable Kayaks.

The big challenge for Oz Inflatable Kayaks (and other product businesses) is how do you emotionally connect people. How do you give them a glimpse of how the product can have a massive positive impact on their lives.

Traditionally people only find out about this positive change once they have invested in the product if they even get this far, and only then they get to experience it.

Our job, as storytellers and business owners, is we need to give our customers a glimpse of the future and what it may look like for them. How will their lives be different when they use our services or buy our product.

If you want to learn more about:
– How to engage your prospective customers on an emotional level.
– Build value in your customer’s mind.

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It’s hard to describe, but there’s something beautiful about the peace and quiet because there’s no engine sitting on the water. All of a sudden there’s fish in the water, rocks, coral scenery. There’s no agenda. You’re experiencing life. It’s really about being there, connecting with nature, relaxing. There’s nobody around. You just so alone in a city of half a million people. It’s quite a unique feeling.

We did a bit of kayaking as kids, but when I went to start a business I thought, okay, what do I love? I would never have even thought of inflatable kayaks as a product until I saw the brand that will Advanced Elements. I got a hold of one of them and was just blown away. You’ve got to be able to get your kayak to the water. There was no way I was ever going to get a hard shell kayak up on roof racks and down off roof racks by myself and that’s where inflatable kayaks really shine. All of a sudden this world opens up that wasn’t there before.

I’ve got two small kids, so for me to get away and go kayaking, I usually have a very limited window of time and one of our models, I time myself four minutes and 10 seconds from in the bag to on the water. It’s quick. It’s simple and they’ve designed it that way. People have a certain level of skepticism when we start talking about inflatable kayaks. I guess that mostly thinking about punctures, but the truth is that that just never happens. These kayaks are super tough, super well designed. You can just relax and enjoy the paddle.

The thing that surprises the customers the most is the comfort. You’re basically sitting on a marshmallow cruising along and that’s what a lot of my customers say to me, I just want to relax. So for those people that aren’t sure or don’t have a lot of time, when we do a kayak recommendation, it’s really important that you get the right kayak first time because it’s a big purchase.

When my customers come back to me showing me their pictures, it’s like, oh, it was amazing. And then since then I’ve done this trip and that trip. I think, wow, you know, these are ordinary people. These are just people that have seen something and thought, oh, I’m going to give that a go. How can I make that possible? Their will has just expanded and that’s what I’d love to hear.