I really loved this one. Perhaps it’s because I call the Gold Coast home and this story took place in Burleigh.

The team over at Burleigh Constructions approached us because they were busy building a new home in the heart of Burleigh Heads and they felt it would be a great idea to create a story to take future potential clients through the journey of building a new home.

We made sure that we showed a few different aspects of the build including progression visuals, a lot of beautiful aerials showcasing the surroundings and the finished product.

Burleigh Constructions love building beautiful homes for families so it was important to capture and tell the story focusing on families and what’s important to them.

What’s most inspiring about Burleigh Constructions

  • Building homes for 10 years.
  • Track record with projects and clients
  • Great team with good leaders
  • David is super passionate, absolutely loves what he does.
  • Nicole is spot on with the details, bookkeeping and makes sure all behind the scenes run smooth.
  • Family Aspect.
  • Communication with subcontractors and clients.

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The family side is important to us. The home is empty unless there is family there. Something, that has plenty of room for people. Grandchildren would come and visit, something you can come home to and walk out the world and there’s something that comes home, makes you feel good. We were very conscious of finding a builder that we were comfortable with and for us it’s our house. For a builder we understand it could be just another house and we were up to someone who wasn’t building just another house. We have seen building construction. We saw a house built just around the corner, so we liked what we saw there. David took us to a couple of jobs that he was building. You could see the report he had with the people. From contract negotiations through the commencement of the bill that was very streamlined and very easy and they wanted to deliver a product that we’re proud of. David and Nicole use a web based constructions management tool and it’s personalised to you, to your bill so you can see what is happening. Only you can see the process through all that and track it. The very committed to their clients and what they’re doing. We probably consider them friends, which is very uncommon during a build process.

It’s rewarding to come home to, and we’ll be very content here and where do we build a game with Burleigh Constructions? Absolutely.