We have known the team over at Watmar for a few years now and have personally used them in our business. It was really exciting when Sharyn the owner came to us and asked us to tell their story to really communicate their brand, personality, and point of differences as an Electrician Business.

I always emphasize on the fact that most businesses live in obscurity and people don’t know about them. The bigger problem most businesses have is people know about them but their value and services are living in obscurity. What that means is clients, friends, other prospects that know like and trust you already don’t know about the different ways you can help them. This is where Watmar needed our help.

Watmar isn’t just your ordinary Electrician Business on the Gold Coast, they have 3 main areas of expertise and that is:
1) Electrical work (commercial and residential)
2) Airconditioning
3) Automation

All of this is really cool but I think what really stood out to me is the care they put into each job and their story really makes them stand out.

Make sure you check out the Case Study Story we created for them below:

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I want us to be that company that people are happy to recommend. We want to be that company that they’re proud of, that they chose us and that their friends can be comfortable to choose us too.

Watmar is a Gold Coast based electrical company that specializes in electrical automation and air conditioning. We offer all of those services at a full service level. In the early days of our business, one of our taglines was let our family look after your family. That’s the core of where we come from. It’s that family approach, our sons work in the business and so whether it’s at acquiring level or a business development level or implementation or will always be somebody from our family who’s involved in that. The trades industry across the board, not just in our space, has a reputation for not being great at communicating. We don’t go into a job to just do it once and disappear out of people’s world. We’re trying to build a relationship over multiple years. We already have clients that we’ve renovated four or five homes for them. Overwhelmingly we get that feedback, that communication is very much a part of what we do. So they’ll always be informed of that. We don’t like to surprise our clients with extra costs or overruns or any of those sorts of things we are transparent and they’ll always know what’s going to happen and that will then deliver what we’ve said that we will. It’s that whole show up, clean up, follow up that they’ll come back to us for that reason.

A lot of our clients have lived through our journey. We started on a dining room table and now we have our own factory and all of those things and they love that part of our journey. They loved that part of our success. I feel like they’ve been part of our growth, which is awesome. You know, cause yeah, we’re really proud of that. They are business, we’ve always tried to innovate as best we can. With the technology moving so quickly we’re trying to stay in front of that curve and it’s really exciting for us to be able to work with people and achieve the most economical way they can run their house. We treat everyone’s job like it’s something that we’re doing in our own home because of the way that that’s instilled in all of our guys. The customer always knows what we’re up to and what we’re doing. And there’s nothing better than when a client comes back to you. It’s really heartwarming because they trust us to progress whatever they’re trying to achieve.