KiaDom Homes is a unique Gold Coast based builder, specializing in mini homes.

We haven’t come across another business like KiaDom Homes here on the Gold Coast. They’re a passionate team excited to bring families together in this unique way.

What they can do with a small space is truly incredible!

Throughout our time spent together during the story development phase, it was clear KiaDom Homes had a unique purpose in the market. They just needed a platform to tell this story.

The story we created for KiaDom uniquely reflects their vision and purpose, allowing them to emotionally connect with their ideal clients, stand out from the competition and build trust and relationship with prospective clients before they’ve even met.

After trust and relationship are built, well the rest is easy. Now KiaDom can do what they do best. Build unique mini homes.


In your mind, when you think back to your childhood, the family home is just somewhere that your mind goes straight back to. You remember being there. To build that home piece by piece and build memories. It gives you a sense that you’ve built something that’s going to last.

If you think about the war on waste and the way the world’s going excess is not cool anymore. There’s a different way to do it. We build architectural small homes that fit in people’s backyards, take advantage of their block. We want to be able to keep families together, allow those relationships to flourish. Having that close proximity in living together, not just the closest in feeling you still get to maintain privacy and independent living just happened to have Nana and Pop’s a stone’s throw away. It enables the old analogy of it takes a village to raise a child. It means that the grandkids can develop a really, really strong bond with their grandparents.

With housing affordability, getting difficult by designing the houses specifically to the needs of the client. We give them exactly what they need, exactly what they want and nothing else.

We want to lay it out exactly how the process is going to work and then remind them at each stage what’s happening, why it’s happening to provide a positive building experience from the beginning to the end.

Whether Linda’s in the office, helping clients make selections to getting exactly what they want, or the boys are on site. Everybody’s focused on the same thing. The young guys come up and we teach them how to do what we do. You know, we teach them how to build homes for people and building homes for people. It’s always infectious to feel that excitement come from people, watching their building grow.

And moving into a home that they’re gonna live in for the rest of their life. Watching a young boy, get to go and run up to his property and jump into his arms. It really gives me a feeling of pride in what I’m doing and to be the person that somebody chooses to help them build that home that can create those memories. That’s pretty humbling.