Kai Konstruct | Case Study

This Case Study Video shows the importance of using video in your sales process.

Tim From Kai Konstruct tells us how impactful using video has been for his small business. Kai Konstruct is a family owned custom home builder on the Gold Coast.

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is communicating their story or message across to their audience in an effective way. Tim’s problem was packaging that story and presenting it in a way that would leave people touched and emotionally connected to his company.

Use Story to leave a Lasting Impact

We don’t just do video like every other video production company. We use story to impact every area of the business. It is not contained in just the video.

Not many other custom home builders were doing video so he saw that as an opportunity to be different from his competition and stand out from the crowd.

We started the journey with Tim by going into our Story Development Session. This is where we dive deep into who he is and why he created his company. We create the story of his company and design it in a way that will leave the biggest impact on the audience. After we have crafted the story we go into the different visuals required to show the story. We do this process with any company we work with, big or small.

The Result

After the video was completed, Tim, his Wife, and son came into the office for the first viewing. They were left in tears as their business came to life in front of them. This is exactly the impact we were going for.

Tim now uses the video in his sales process to validate leads and close deals. It has directly impacted the bottom line of his business. The story of the video also inspires himself and his team and reminds them why they wake up every day and do what they do.

This is the power of storytelling through video.

The Kai Konstruct Branding Video:

Case Study Transcript:

The reason why I started building homes was, I love creating something and being able to step back and see what we can create for a family. That really is our passion and that’s why I build homes.

We believe we’re different from other abilities because: a) We’re a family business and 2) We love building. 

The challenge for us is to find a way to let people know about our service and how unique it is and being able to tell that story apart from an email or a one to one. 

As our company was growing, we started to investigate into different ways we could get our message and our story out there, and video was one of those avenues and speaking to lots of different companies. 

I finally met with Bizvideo and I could instantly see the drive, passion and enthusiasm, not for only what they do, but for how they could tell our story. 

From that point I knew that these guys were the right people to tell our story. 

When I sat down and have a look at what this investment is going to cost, I think how am I going to afford this as a small business like it looks great and I can see the results, but taking that initial step I thought let’s just go, let’s just do it and it was the best decision that we made.

When we first started with Bizvideo we did a story development session and that really opened our eyes to what we knew was our why and laid it out in a way that we could really go: “That’s why we are doing business”. 

Finishing our Story Development Session really gave us an insight into what our story will look like at the end and visually how it was going to increase our emotional connection to our clients. 

Our process before we had video was: 

a) get a phone call 

b) give them a quote 

c) write along winded email about how we can give them the best service and then wait to hear back. 

Now it is: 

a) We find out about them. 

b) We send them a video with a thanks for contacting us.

c) We get a call back. They’ve already seen the website, they’ve seen the video, they understand who we are as a building company, and they are intending to build with us already. 

They’ve already taken that emotional first step of we want Kai Konstruct to build with us, and so that process of going through leads is actually an enjoyable one because the client is engaged just as much as we are engaged with them.

I know that this is a longterm strategy for us as a business and educating our clients through video. That is priceless.