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by | Oct 16, 2018 | Recent Projects

Rising To The Challenge

The Academy is a specialised educational facility in Melbourne. It focuses on providing passion centered education that is designed to draw out the best of the individual and launch them into their future.

ARC Projects were commissioned to expand their facilities so that they could accommodate more students. This job was very time sensitive as all the construction work needed to be completed before the school year resumed. There needed to be no disruption to the education and learning of the students. ARC Projects understood this and went to work.

Leaving A Mark

ARC went over and above the call of duty and came through for The Academy. They not only produced exceptional work but they did it in a way that made the client feel valued and part of the family.

Having a happy client is one of the most valuable assets to your business. You can use that to your advantage and help get you more customers just like them.

This video is designed to show other potential clients of ARC Projects how great it is to work with and be a part of the ARC process.

This video is used as part of their sales process as it functions as a highly effective form of social proof for them. It builds trust and credibility in their services.

In the construction industry, a high level of trust is needed before a client comes on board. This means that every bit of trust and credibility that is built during the sales process is vital and important to the success of that sale.

Using case study videos like this can give your business a huge advantage over your competition and give you the edge you need to win the deal.


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