We’re so excited to present this stunning home recently completed by Richard Parsons Constructions.

The meticulous detail and design of this luxury home on the Gold Coast is truly remarkable.

The Sunnymeade House was designed by Jared Poole with the highest level of detail in every feature and finish of the home.


It’s a rewarding thing to be able to design and create a house that becomes someone’s home and enriches their lives.

We wanted to create something which was really authentic. It’s got to look like it’s always been there. How the cobblestones have been laid and cut individually or how the swimming pool’s been tiled. And it just glistens in the sun. You can stand back and just look at the detail.

Translating that from our documents to a finished product is always challenging. It’s great to have a builder on board who respects that level of detail.

The product selections was critical in being able to make it authentic. From the cladding on the outside, to all the detail in the moldings to choosing the right stone. It’s just something special.

The finest details, which some people would just miss, but then somebody else will see it and think, wow, look what they’ve done there and see exactly what’s gone into it.

Walking through the house you’ve got spaces off to the left spaces off to the right, some incredible detail from the entry that two-story void through to the lounge room, the stairs, and then the kitchen. Richard’s done a great job. To do a style of home you do it authentically and you do it well. If it’s done properly, it can be timeless. When I look at that job, the outcome is spot on for that site. It said harmless family, home.

Knowing the effort everybody went to achieve that is something special and unique.

There are very few homes which are done in that amount of detail.

To be able to stand back and just look at how everything’s just work. That’s what is exciting to me.