The Best Way To Stand Out

In the construction industry, there is a sea of competition out there. The industry is flooded with businesses just like yours that provide the same services as you at the same quality.

How then, do you distinguish yourselves and stand out? We have found the most effective solution to be storytelling. Use your story to support your brand. It is the only point of difference that is unique to your company.

Humans crave narrative and connection. Telling stories can make that a possibility. This is why this method of engaging with your audience is so effective.

Take your customers on a journey to reach the message that you want to send them rather than just giving them the message straight away.

“Don’t give your customers 4, give them 2+2”, this is a quote from a Pixar executive in his TED talk on storytelling.

3 Keys To Being Seen

In an industry like construction where story isn’t very common, you can make big waves when you start to utilise this method correctly. In order to use this method effectively, there are three main objectives that any business needs to achieve in order to stand out in their industry.

1. Attention

Getting attention to your brand is vital to stand out from the crowd. However, attention can mean nothing to your business if it isn’t from the right audience.

This is why you need to know exactly who your target audience is and where they like to hang out online. If your market is families or first home owners, which social platform do they spend most of their time on?

When you can find out what your audience’s interests are, it makes crafting your message a lot easier. The goal is to get attention on your brand from the people who will relate to it the most.

2. Engaging Content

Creating relevant content is crucial. If you have attention on your brand because you have nailed your target market and you know how to reach the people who need to see your brand, you will not be effective if your content doesn’t relate to them.

You may get attention but it will be very hard for you to keep that attention and turn it into profit.

Once you have determined what your audience’s interest are, use your story to create content that best relates to what they are looking for. This is the best way to ensure that the content you are producing is the right fit for your audience.

The way you present your content is also very important. People consume information in different ways. Some ways are more effective than others.

Video is the best way to communicate a message to an audience. It has the highest engagement and retention out of all the forms of communication.

3. Create Emotional Connection and Community

In order to convert the attention that you have captured and maintained on your brand and convert it into paying customers, there is one more step you need to take.

To get someone to do business with you, you need to build trust. Trust is something that no sale happens without. It is hard to build and easy to lose.

The way that you gain that trust is by creating a connection with your audience. This happens through the use of engaging content on a regular basis.

When someone has watched your video and knows your story it creates a connection that works to break down the barrier of the unknown and sets the foundation of trust. When this is done in combination with manually engaging and interacting with your audience on a daily basis, you begin to create community.

Your brand will begin to build a following of people that love what you do and enjoy consuming the content you put out. When they are ready to buy, you will be the first they come to.