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[Project] Hennessy Building Projects | Investors Overview Film

Our friends at Hennessy Building Projects came to us with an idea and that was to create a story to designate with investors from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
The purpose of the film was to showcase the beautiful duplexes they create for investors and portray Hennessy as the experts when it comes to planning and building duplexes on the Gold Coast.

[Episodes] Purpose – The 5 Categories of Purpose we use for Business Videos

In this video, I go on to explain why it’s important to be clear on purpose before you start thinking about creating a video for your business regardless of the outcomes you want to achieve.
I also explain the 5 categories we use with all the films we create to give the audience a better understanding and get them to connect better on an emotional level.

[Episodes] Recent Story by Wyndham for XBC

  We've been extremely blessed to be part of the storytelling for XBC (Xerox Business Solutions) and in this episode we want to highlight one of the recent stories we produced for this amazing company. In this episode we also point out the structure of the story to...

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