Are you curious about the tried-and-true systems and processes that lead to long-term success in a building business?

We dive into the game-changing strategies, innovative processes, and empowering mindsets that successful builders utilise to position themselves as leaders in the marketplace.

Join us as Paul, from Gentrify, shares his insider knowledge and personal experiences in founding and establishing a thriving luxury building business. Along the way, he candidly discusses the mistakes he made, offering valuable insights to help you avoid repeating them.

Key moments you won’t want to miss:

00:00:00 Sustainable Business and Luxury Custom Home Building

00:03:26 Establishing a Business and Avoiding the Seagull Approach

00:09:40 The Importance of Clarity of Vision and Team Buy-In

00:14:49 Saying No to Clients 00:16:35 Abundance Mindset and Hotter Prospective Clients

00:23:40 Building Resilience in the Face of Adversity

00:31:25 Aggregate Marketing Strategies for Builders