In this episode, we continue our conversation with Tim from Kai Konstruct and look at why he’s in business and understanding why a builder’s why is important for success.

Having a clear “why” allows you to look further on the horizon and see the opportunities that others might miss.

Knowing your “why” and being clear on defining what you want for yourself, your team, and your clients is the difference between the success and failure in your business.

Moments you don’t want to miss:

00:16:35:03 The shift towards balancing work and personal life

00:19:25:07 Tim reflects on his why for being in business

00:24:22:21 Importance of taking time out of the business gives insight and clarity

00:27:22:00 Importance of being clear on defining what you want for yourself, team, and clients

00:29:00:13 The importance of defining your “why”

00:32:15:01 The importance of relationships and support in business

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