Are you tired of going from one job to the next with no control over the quality of leads you receive? Do you dream of being the builder that attracts quality clients who seek you out specifically?

If so, you’re not alone. Every builder dreams of having the power to say “yes” to the right jobs and “no” to the wrong ones.

And to have clients approach them, with a strong awareness and trust in who they are and the service they provide.

On this episode, JP interviews Dale from Southern Ocean Building and Consulting to explore their journey from depending on word-of-mouth marketing to navigating the hurdles of lead qualification.

Learn how they’ve now become the go-to builder, with a reputation so credible that potential clients trust them implicitly, well before the initial consultation.

What we cover in this podcast:

  • How to Take the Plunge to Start a Successful Building Company
  • Exploring the Benefits of Story Development for a Building Company
  • Evolving Sales Strategies: How to Build Trust and What To Invest In
  • How to Build Confidence and Clarity in Your Business
  • Building a Core Trade Base for Construction Projects
  • The Benefits of Clear Messaging for Building Companies
  • Building Business Growth and Brand Reinforcement
  • How to Refine Quality of Work and Communicating Effectively
  • Building Quality Homes and Finding the Right Projects

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