Are you tired of dealing with toxic clients and feeling like you have no control over your business?

It’s time to take charge and gain predicability in your building business.

In this podcast episode, Corne interviews Kurt, from the Builders Coach, who will share his 3 proven strategies for client selection and deselection. You’ll discover practical implementations for qualifying leads, saying no to bad fits, and ultimately choosing which clients to work with.

Client selection and deselection can make or break your business, and a toxic client can have a significant impact on your bottom line. We unpack proven process solutions which will help you identify the best strategies to select and deselect clients, giving you the power to choose who you work with and work towards predictability in your business.

00:00:00 Client Selection and Job Selection for Building Businesses
00:01:21 Strategies for Selecting the Right Clients for Luxury Home Building
00:02:52 Benefits of Using a Client Selection Questionnaire for Builders
00:06:12 The Complexities of Building for Clients
00:10:29 The Importance of Explaining Contractual Terms to Clients
00:11:29 Benefits of Establishing Clear Communication with Clients
00:13:11 Building Respect and Appreciation with a Client Commencement Agreement