Discover the secrets to boosting your building business by harnessing the power of likability and relationships.

In this podcast, we dive deep into the science behind likability and share stories of how genuine connections can lead to successful business relationships.

Learn how to leverage commonalities, active listening, and authentic storytelling to build trust with your clients.

Plus, find out the book that initially opened our eyes to the power of these concepts!

Don’t miss these key moments:

00:01:51 – Exploring the Psychology of Likability in the Building Industry
00:03:38 – Establishing Trust and Likability in the Building Industry
00:05:43 – The Role of Trust and Likability in Marketing, Sales, and Client Sign-offs
00:07:28 – Benefits of Using Contrived Commonalities in Marketing
00:08:50 – Building Client Relationships Through Authenticity
00:10:34 – Building Common Ground Through Authentic Storytelling and Visuals
00:12:02 – Building Rapport and Trust with Prospective Clients Through Active Listening
00:14:35 – The Importance of Likability in the Building Industry
00:15:56 – Building Likability and Trust with Prospective Clients
00:17:33 – Building Genuine Connections with Clients: Creating Likability and Trust

Ready to stand out in the building industry?

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