“I have a video for my building business, now what?”

Corne sits down with our resident media buyer, Richard, to discuss 27 ways you can use your videos as a builder.

With their combined wealth of experience, they offer not just theory, but practical, hands-on tactics that work in the real world. From idea to execution, they’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned builder or just breaking ground, this episode offers you the blueprint to leverage your videos for maximum impact.

Here’s some key moments:

00:00:00 Using Video to Reach Your Target Audience

00:01:43 Videos to Enhance Client Relationships

00:02:53 Utilising Video Content for Business Growth

00:05:17 Promoting Videos to Increase Brand Awareness

00:13:32 Using Video to Grow Your Building Business

00:21:25 Digital Marketing Strategies for Video Content

00:22:52 Strategies for Increasing Visibility