Worried about the possibility of the looming recession? Understandably so. It’s okay to feel unsure about the future but it’s what you do today that will help your tomorrow.

While economic downturns can certainly affect the building industry, there are ways to build resilience and your sales pipeline to protect your business.

In this podcast episode, JP and Corne delve into a plethora of strategies that can help your building thrive and work towards predictability, even in uncertain times.

Whether you’re a business owner or a budding entrepreneur, this conversation is packed with valuable insights that will help you prepare for economic challenges that may arise. So grab a notepad, take some notes and enjoy this episode.

00:00:27 Recession-Proofing Your Businesses
00:02:34 Long-Term Thinking vs. Instant Gratification
00:04:05 Building Resilience During a Recession
00:05:52 Building a Proactive Mindset and Preparing for Success
00:10:53 Consuming Quality Advice and The Power of Your Inner Circle
00:12:05 Mentorship and Long-Term Perspective in Business
00:13:30 Preparation of Business & Marathon Running
00:16:15 Building a Sales Pipeline During a Recession: Strategies for Proactive Builders
00:18:47 Building a Marketing Pipeline for Choice of Clients