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How to shoot Personal Video Messages

When was the last time someone did something for you just because? I bet you it made a huge impact on how you perceived that person. If you're running out of ideas on how to stand out, especially in business, well then I might have an idea for you. I call it Video...

New York Vibes, Leap of Faith & Boxing in Cuba

As filmmakers we enjoy good work when we come across it and it's only fair to share it with our circles. It's my aim to show and amplify some of the works that are going around to give our clients, readers and followers ideas. Below you will find 3 pieces that...

What Outcomes do You Present in Your Message?

Do your clients struggle to see the value you provide? Maybe you’re not communicating it properly. What is value anyway? For me, it’s clear outcomes. Stop thinking features and benefits.   In the time I’ve been in business, I’ve always thought that you should not...

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