Mortgage Choice Case Study

An Experience?

Getting a mortgage can be a massive headache and a disruption to your daily life.

Mortgage Choice aims to take the hard work out of securing a mortgage for your property, making it as simple and as seamless as possible.

We aimed to create a series of case study videos showing past and current Mortgage Choice clients explaining their experiences with the company, how they helped them, and why they enjoyed their involvement with the company.

The Videos

Vivienne & Kane’s Story


Kellie & Kath’s Story


McWilliams Family’s Story


Justin Harris’ Story


Chris & Alan’s Story


Objectives & Outcomes

With this project, our clients wanted us to create Customer Focused Stories to engage and attract like-minded personalities to enquire with their local broker.

Like our other projects, engagement with these videos were extremely important, and we decided that the best way to accomplish this rarely achieved goal was through storytelling, particularly personal storytelling.


A Case Study video’s purpose is to relay past and current client experiences and show the viewer their positive experience.

Following that established path is the easiest and most functional way to tell a story- thus we never deviated from the tried and tested method of the case study.

Mortgage Choice wanted to tell the stories of their clients in a visually engaging way- and we obliged.

The Storyline

There are five different case study films- four are quite similar and one stands alone. The first story we tell is of Vivienne and Kane- a young Gold Coast couple with two children- who through Mortgage Choice won 50 thousand dollars to do with what they want. This was a campaign run by Mortgage Choice to reward their clients at random. We meet the couple and their kids, showing them in the home they bought with the help of Mortgage Choice- and learn what they intended to do with the money they’ve won. We also meet their broker, and learn of his relationship he’s established with the couple.

The following four films- Kellie & Kath, The McWilliams family, Justin Harris and Chris & Allan all introduce the viewer to the subjects in the video. We learn more about them, where they come from and what they do for a living to learn about them as humans rather than as clients (this is where other case study videos can make a mistake- we want to meet people- not clients). Each couple or individual then recounts their experience with Mortgage Choice.

The Visuals

We allowed our visual choices to be dictated by the story each person was telling on screen.

It’s always necessary to have a pre production meeting and discuss your shot selection, however on the day you must be adaptable and ready to shoot whatever comes your way, and we found that to be the case in each of these shoots.

Your shots are there to tell the story as much as your narrative does, and so we made a point of shooting our subjects in their homes and offices, along with their familes with their interviews played over- as no one likes looking at a talking head (despite having some very pretty talking heads!)


The music backing Vivienne and Kane’s story is more emotive as their story in itself is more emotive. It’s important the music selection doesn’t distract or replace, but rather augment the story we’re telling on screen.

The other videos all follow a similar structure and so we used the same music to create a similarity and familiarity across all four stories.

What we wanted audience to feel

A case study is all about getting a potential client to view the stories of the people on screen, and if they’re looking to get themselves a mortgage either now or in the future- then the positive tales told by those on screen could influence or inspire them to turn to Mortgage Choice for their bond needs. We wanted to create a feeling of family and customer loyalty that Mortgage Choice has provided to these people.

It’s about attaching human faces and emotions to a brand- and thats what we’ve done here.


We’d love to hear all about your next project and are happy to assist wherever we can!