Animal Emergency Service

Ideal Outcomes from Video Campaign:

– Entice new upcoming Veterinarians to get on their wait list.
– Build the AES perception as exclusive to new vets.
– Show the culture, lifestyle and locations of AES.

AES Film


Dr Taleta Hompas


Dana Seymour


2015 Main Overall AES Film



I never thought creating videos about what we do at AES could prove so effective and powerful in engaging an audience. I have quickly learnt that these days’ people want to see video, whilst pictures and words are good; video has the power to deliver a meaningful story. Before a picture said a thousand words, now a 1-minute video can go deeper into a story and deliver a compelling message, emotion or cause that grabs peoples attention. Our case videos developed by Bizvideo have opened up the doors of our emergency veterinary hospital to the eyes of the public, and we are super proud to share our stories. Also, video content has proved the most effective and successful approach for promoting my veterinary textbook to an international market, where images and words had just scratched the surface. When I want a video - to share an awesome story from our hospital, to showcase our clinics and services, for recruiting staff, or when approaching a new target market for my textbook - Bizvideo are the ones I trust to create a video that will cut through the noise of social media and deliver results. They understand our branding and goals and create videos that are authentic and thoughtful.

Dr. Gerado Poli

Director / Animal Emergency Service