Using Real People with Real Stories to Humanise a Technology Company

Case Study: XBC Business Technology

Client: XBC Business Technology


The industry is known to use direct in your face marketing and sales techniques. XBC wanted to steer away from what everyone else is doing namely “look at us and what we do” and take on a friendly approach to nurture future potential clients.


XBC have gained a great reputation over the years and have some great clients. Our suggestion was to showcase their clients and tell their story to incorporate the problems XBC was able to solve for their clients. We wanted to humanise XBC’s messaging through a Customer Focused video strategy.


The major benefit with Customer Focused stories are they are a timeless asset to businesses. Leads were able to be nurtured and the videos assisted in them letting their guard down. Fuji Xerox Australia applaud XBC’s forward thinking when it comes to marketing. Major deals have been won by showcasing specific stories. XBC’s brand perception has grown to be focused more on clients.

Scope of Work

Video Marketing Strategy
Story Creation
Character Development
Post Production
Video Marketing Execution


XBC have engaged us to create Client Focused Case Study Stories on a ongoing basis as their client base grow. The reasoning behind this strategy is different personalities, industries and businesses will relate to different stories. We want to maximise the opportunity that specific industries and personalities understand their problems and how XBC can help them overcome that problem.

At this moment in time we have delivered: 6 Case Study Stories, 11 Educational Content Videos and we are busy creating the XBC Overview Film, 5 People of XBC Stories and ongoing Case Study Stories.



XBC Overview Film

A film to tell the story of XBC as a company, their clients and their people and why they do what they do.


Larry Malan | Ray White

A story about a Real Estate Principle and how XBC have been a key part in them being the leading Real Estate Agency on the Gold Coast.


Clive Hawkin | Wyndham

A story about how personal values translate into the business world and how XBC’s values are in line with Clive Hawkins from Wyndham.


Graeme Perkins | Body Corporate Headquarters

A story about Graeme and how he believed trust and exceptional customer service is the key to business success.


Jordan Powell | ARC Constructions

Jordan’s story revolves around how a small piece of equipment can have such a big outcome in his business.


Adam Southgate | Southgate Accountants

Adam’s firm relies heavily on XBC’s equipment to service their clients and have a smooth operation.

Shane Grant | Grants Law Firm

XBC’s education and communication helped Shane migrate his system successfully and as pain free as possible.


“We believe storytelling in modern day business is so important and applaud the incredibly creative team at Bizvideo who have been able to capture exactly what we needed, to showcase our wonderful clients who are real people with real stories.”

Donna Quaill

Director / XBC Business Centre