24//7 Cycling Business Video

24//7 Cycling Business Video

It doesn’t get more emotional than this.

The 24//7 Cycling safety fund is real. It involved real people with real stories.

The 24//7 Cycling Business Video was created with one intention and that was to tell the story as it happened and to move people emotionally through a story.

Video Details

This video is a little different to our usual Business Videos.

Yes it involved great visuals with a captivating soundtrack.

We only had one shot to capture the real emotions and get the message across.

The idea and structure of the video was planned before we even turned up on the day. When we got there it had to unfold as the day happened.

Being in the business of Video Productions and Marketing it is very important to have the experience to plan a video in a quick and professional manner.




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September 11, 2014