Massage Schools of Queensland Case Study

Video Background

Change is constant, both personally and in business. Massage Schools of Queensland approached us to show how their school operated. They wanted to explain how their teaching builds you up as an individual and makes you part of a strong foundation.

The Video

Objectives & Outcomes

With this project, we set out to create Customer Focused Stories to engage and attract like-minded businesses and personalities to start a conversation and even possibly become new clients of XBC.

With so many messages being transmitted all the time these days, engagement with this project was key, and we decided that the best way to accomplish this rarely achieved goal was through storytelling, particularly personal storytelling.

Why personal stories?

There’s an old saying amongst speech-writers and orators alike: the best way to tell a story is through personal experience.

We’ve found that in the last few years, intentional or not, companies have been trying to hide the people who make up their business. Brand up-front alongside service offering, support and low prices. “But what about the engine that runs the machine?” we thought. What about the people?  We’ve found that companies that create a transparent view of themselves by putting their people first, quickly become more personable and their clients feel more comfortable dealing with them.

Our other motivation for putting a personal story in the spotlight of this video was in an attempt to tackle the widely-held belief that corporate videos need to be long, airless gap-fillers stuffed full of stock and B-roll footage of business lunches and expensive logos. Who says a corporate video can’t be engaging, entertaining and interesting?

The Storyline

The video follows a group of students living active lives cut with them attending the massage school of Queensland- all to a narration explaining the principles of the school.

We end up in the classroom where it’s shown clearly fun and engaging way students are taught.

This film doesn’t follow our traditional story recipe, however, due to the subject matter it needn’t have to.

We wanted to visually show just what the school offers to potential students.



We wanted to correlate living a healthy and happy life with the principles the Massage school of Queensland offers to it’s students.

Overcoming physical pain shouldn’t be a daily struggle- and at the school they pass on this knowledge to their students- offering courses in massage, aromatherapy, disability care, nursing and allied health assistance (among many other courses).

We wanted to put a human face and emotion to the school , rather than your stock standard informational video.

The Visuals

What you see on screen is motivated by the story told by the narrator- we allow the narrative to guide our shot and cut selection.

We shot beautiful, engaging and story telling images to make it an easy and digestible view. We end up in the classroom after touching on it in the beginning.

Blending shots of students attending the school and living out their daily lives to give the message that at the Massage School of Queensland it’s important that learning is fun, and not a total separation from their daily lives.

Massage School Queensland


As the narration is imperative to the story- we didn’t want the music to overlap or distract the viewer from the message being told. Thus, the music is light, but still augments the story. It’s cheerful and builds up nicely to the end.

What we wanted audience to feel

Being a part of something, a part of a collective, can sometimes be very important. What the Massage School of Queensland offers students is a chance to join something fresh and exciting- to become part of a solution that many Australians are seeking. As the viewer, you need to feel enticed by the school. If this is something that appeals to you, if this is the field of study you wish to pursue, than after viewing you shouldn’t consider any other school than this one.


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