Who Need’s a Script?

We have developed a unique way of gathering the information that we need from our subject. Our secret is that we don’t use a script! Well, sort of. We use the Story Development Session to extract key information that can be used to craft purposed questions. These questions are designed to get real, raw answers that will create an authentic, believable story. When we ask you these questions, you are not expected to give a perfect answer. In fact, you will probably mess up many times! Not to worry, it is all part of the process. We create a polished story based on your answers to the questions we asked and it is like you never made a mistake! This is the process we use for every video we create. This includes the business overview, case study and content videos.

Why Does This Work?

Through the experience of crafting over 1000 stories in video form, we have found that an authentic story has the greatest effect. This method allows us to extract the most authentic answer possible and results in an amazing story. The story is what can make or break a video. Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years in many different forms. It is an extremely efficient way of communicating a message to another person or group of people. That remains the same today however it is just packaged differently. Instead of cave drawings, we have videos that have the ability to carry your story to the world. It is a great way to build your brand and business. If you learn to apply the principle of story to every piece of content that you release, the results will speak for themselves.