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What Is a content Video?

A Content Video delivers informative content to your prospects, customer, or employees. They support and build your brand image while also providing genuine value to your audience. You can also use them internally, whether it’s to train and inspire your team or communicate important messages or company values to your staff.

Audiences today would rather watch than read, which makes Content Videos an ideal medium for communicating with your clients and prospects.

Content Videos are a great way to overcome objections from skeptical or savvy customers before the sales process even starts. This can boost conversion – a well-informed prospect is often more confident about buying. And a Content Video that offers solutions to common issues your clients face can save resources by reducing your need for a large support team.

Your employees prefer watching, too. Using Content Videos for training or onboarding makes the process so much more effective and engaging than just handing them a training manual and hoping they read it.


Example content videos

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Our Clients Love Content Videos – Here’s Why:


Inspire and Educate Your Team

Let’s face it, few employees are going to take the time to read through (let alone remember) that memo you sent outlining company values. And those that did read it probably wished they didn’t have to. A Content Video can deliver the same message with a higher rate of retention. And let’s be honest: wouldn’t you rather watch than read?

Overcome Common Objections

Every prospect has to work through a set of objections before becoming a customer. Content Videos are a great way to overcome those objections early in the sales process. That frees your sales teams and company reps to build a stronger relationship with leads and customers.

Inform, Educate, and Provide Value

The best things in life really are free. Content Videos are an opportunity to provide extra value and free information to your audience. Educating and informing your audience familiarises them with your brand while associating your company with the valuable content they receive.

Informed Customers Make Decisions

Well-informed customers don’t sit on the fence. They know how your products or services can make their lives better, so they’re ready to act. Using Content Videos cuts down the time to a sale by making your prospects and leads more confident.

Build Trust and Credibility in Your Brand

You’re more than just your product. What consumers think about your image, credibility, and reputation is almost as important as what you’re offering to sell them. Content Videos help convey your brand, build trust in it, and establishes you as a credible expert in your industry.

Inspire Employees

Content Videos are a great way to communicate with your team. They’re personal, relatable, and can inspire and motivate your employees. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when focusing on the day-to-day work. A Content Video can remind them why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Increased Sales Conversion

Our clients experience a huge increase in conversions when they use Content Videos to enhance their sales process.

Increased Website Enquiry Conversion

Before you can get new customers, you need leads. Featuring engaging and attention-grabbing Content Videos on your landing page or contact page increases the chances your visitors will enquire.

An Engaging Sales Tool

Our clients use Content Videos as part of their existing sales strategy, or use them as an opportunity to take a new approach to sales. Giving prospects and leads a genuinely informative video can captivate them, even if they’re still at the start of their customer journey.

Amplify Your Marketing

Use your Content Videos to boost awareness of your brand and product on all platforms, including

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Remarketing
  • Cinema Advertising
  • TV

Bring Clarity to Your Products and Services

Eliminate the guesswork: your Content Video lets your prospects know exactly how you can benefit them and why your offerings can be trusted.

Reach Various Demographics

Content Videos don’t have to be generic. You can tailor your Content Videos to different demographics and target the customers you really want to reach.

Who Needs content Videos?

Yourself – Strengthen your conviction that your business genuinely helps its customers

Your Team – Spread company values and key information efficiently and effectively

Current Customers – Enhance your customer’s understanding and appreciation of your products or services

Sales – Use your diverse library of Content Videos to convert specific target markets

Marketing – Grow awareness or your company and gather and convert more leads

Future Customers – Show potential customers how you can solve a problem they experience

What our clients say

Experience the results. See the stories of how our clients grow their businesses with video.


the problem content videos solve

Builds Trust and Confidence in Your Brand

Content Videos show your audience that you’re more than just a friendly face – you’re a reliable and trustworthy company that helps and supports its customers. Content Videos can be used to answer frequently asked questions before they come up as objections later in the sales process.

Value it Creates

Brings Customers On Board More Quickly

Content Videos are an effective way to ease prospects and leads along their customer journey. Take them from interested prospect or warm lead to loyal customer or brand ambassador in less time.

WHERE CAN I USE content videos?

Sales, Marketing, Internal & Everywhere!

  • Website
  • Quotes, Proposals & Tenders
  • Email signature
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Cover Video
  • Youtube Pre-roll video
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Profile
  • Remarketing
  • Video Brochures
  • and more!

Key Content Video Stats

97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

Using Content Videos to explain the features and benefits of your products or services is a no-brainer. The stats speak for themselves. Improving your customer’s understanding of your offerings will boost your conversion rate.

81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

People are influenced by what they see. That’s why it’s so important to have valuable video content ready to display to curious and interested prospects.

Where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service.

Video is the most effective form of communication. Why offer text to your customers when you could deliver your message using words, sounds, and visuals? Customers will love how easy you make it to learn more about your brand and solutions.


47% say it helped them reduce support queries.

We live in a DIY culture where it’s often much easier to look something up or watch How To videos on YouTube than it is to ask someone for help. Content Videos gives your customer easy and convenient answers to common support queries. It’s a win-win: they get the answers they need without having to call you up, and the lightened support workload lets you concentrate on developing your business.

Our Content Video Process

1) Developing Your Content

We never deliver a generic video. Your Content Videos will be unique and reflect your company’s personality. To achieve that, the Bizvideo team will hold a Content Development Session with your team. During that session, we’ll work out the four key elements of your Content Videos:

  • Purpose: We start with the big picture, the reason behind the videos.
  • Subject Matter Expert: We figure out how to highlight the message and decide which subject matter expert will be best suited to deliver the content.
  • Visuals: We map out a list of visuals to cover. Your message will be conveyed through images as much as it will be told through your featured expert’s words.
  • Message: We have created hundreds of Content Videos and have an understanding of effective content structure. In collaboration with you, we will create a content structure that makes sense to you and that helps your message come across.


2) Producing Your Content

We know how to handle the technical side of things, but we also want to tell a great story. That’s why we never go overboard with our productions. We keep our Content Videos clean, clear, and focused to make them maximally effective. It also means we keep within budget while delivering a compelling and professional video.

3) Editing Your Videos

We edit your Content Video so that it delivers all the information without any filler. The content is there to assist your customer and inform your prospects, not to waste their time.

4) Spreading Your Message

Content Videos that aren’t meant only for internal use need to be shared – nothing ever went viral while sitting on someone’s hard drive. There are lots of popular and powerful platforms where your potential customers could find your video and we’ll help you create a distribution and marketing strategy to make sure it reaches as many people as it can.


How are Content Videos scripted?

You are the expert in your field, so we will help you brainstorm ideas and determine what kind of content will best complement your business. With hundreds of Content Videos under our belts, we know what kinds of content works for what type of business or industry. From there, we take the best ideas and help you form a script using our easy template.

Will we need an extra day to film the content?

The time it takes to film the content varies for each project and will depend on the volume of content that needs to be produced. We know your time is important, and we value it, too. If it can all be done in one day, then we strive to make that a reality. If needed, however, we may take a half-day to film your Content Videos.  

What does it cost to produce a Content Video?

We will assess the needs of your business and produce a set of specialised video packages you can choose from. Content Videos are rarely made one at a time. Many of our clients want multiple videos produced, which means the cost will vary with every project.

How involved will I be in the creation of the Content Videos?

We will assist you in coming up with the ideas and work closely with you to produce a script. We’ll take things over from there and handle the rest of the creation process. You can present the content in the video yourself or point us in the direction of the person nominated to deliver the content. We also have access to outside talent with lots of presentation experience. In our experience, however, Content Videos that feature someone in your industry will come across as more genuine and authentic.

What if I need to change something in the video after its done?

We understand that your business will change as it grows. For that reason, we are happy to make any changes to any content videos that you may need down the line at no extra charge.

How long will it take to produce my Content Videos?

The timeframe may vary depending on how many videos you need us to produce. It varies by project, but our most common completion time is between 4 and 6 weeks from the date of filming.

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